Justice or G. Owl? That’s it

I’m right there, I have to decide, Justice (which is my choice) or G. Owl, help me out.

Justice - tank
Owl - right wing

If first yellow, go Justice


If you have yellow mana troops high enough maybe the owl. If you need a solid yellow tank Justice will do the job.

If you do many pulls, next months Hotm is yellow and looks like good hero. Maybe wait and see if you get lucky.

Justice and it isn’t even close. Blindness is a very powerful ability, and justice is sturdy she can survive some hits. And slow is significantly better than very slow lol. Very slow is just not usable.


I would choose Justice. She also make a nice strong yellow tank. And hits like a truck.


She is not bad. And she is my tank with six emblemes… but

She barely hits…

Just on offence when I take her with Wilbur and Wu kong… only then…she hits like a truck…

I’m going to offer a little more nuance than other posts thus far, and I’m watching this thread because I find myself in the position of also probably asking this question as I approach 6 darts and wonder who should be my 3rd yellow.

(this is all under the assumption that I don’t pull anything better since I’m going to be making a bit of a run at Valeria and Evelyn next month which increases the odds of pulling Neith who might make this whole question moot; that happened to me when I grimaced at the thought of ascending Quintus, but after I pulled Panther and Seshat that plan went flying out the window)

I think it was Airhawk and DaveSonnenberg who are mortal enemies about the “correct” placement of Guardian Owl, and I’ve come to the conclusion that while Justice is more reliable, Guardian Owl isn’t a terrible tank either, and is more “versatile” in that Guardian Owl can be placed in either tank or wing and is far more of a firebomb under strange-case scenarios (wars, rush attack tournaments) whereas Justice is more reliable but is pretty much a one trick pony.

They’re both terrible for offense, but Justice is more like Zeline/Kadilen in that you spam their ability when up and hope that you can support the team. At 40%, you have pretty decent odds at mitigating spike damage, but as with everything design-wise with yellow (gambling and chance based), you never know for sure. Guardian Owl is more like Seshat or Elkanen in that he isn’t a team player, but if you find yourself in a last-man-standing scenario, Guardian Owl is far more valuable than Justice in that place, and he can do more damage if he goes off. The difference between slow and very slow is 2 tiles (12 v 14) which isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things but can make a difference in tight matchups.

The way I see it, either one is fine given their only roles are on a defense team. Justice is a better tank but is a one-trick pony; it’s straight on the tin what she does. Guardian Owl is a “worse” but still adequate tank but has far more variance in that his low isn’t that spectacular, but under the right conditions, he can be an atom bomb. Their stats are pretty similar (actually Justice is pretty much worse in every category to Owl statwise; I mean not by much but worse), and Guardian Owl’s ability (if you ignore the more damage for dead allies) is pure tank gold: heal over time, defense up, damage all. He can certainly be a good wall to hide your snipers behind. But Justice’s ability requires a cleanser which is more rare than a dispeller, but not impossible. Guardian Owl does have the benefit of being more rare and having a bad reputation, so you might net more wins than expected simply because people either don’t know how to counter him or might underestimate him. The psychological factor isn’t much, but it’s not nothing.

Using a different example, I’d equate them rooooouuuggghhhllyy to like a FPS Assault Rifle v. Grenade Launcher. Assault Rifle is pretty reliable but can never (or rarely) do anything spectacular. Grenade Launcher is really f***ing hard to use, but man the damage is unbelievable.


No mana troops but I already have Gwen emblemed up… so

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Then ascend Owl as a sturdy last wing on the whole warfield.

Owl is too rare to get dusty. Try him on the upcoming tour.


I agree. You already have arguably the best tank in the game, and Justice brings nothing new. So if you’re intent on ascending somebody, go for the Owl.


Definitely the owl with guin on the roster.

Well that little tid bit of information does make this a no question. It now becomes owl. Next time maybe let us in on little secrets like that.