Justice or Drake to 4th Ascension?

I finally have both Justice and Drake to 3-70 and by some miracle also have enough darts to take one of them to 4th Ascension… But I’m stuck on who to take!

Justice hits all (and work’s well with my levelled Insarnia) with strong health @ 1425 maxed but has slow mana generation.

Drake has a stronger attack but only hits 3 at a time (or 1 and adjacent) which is a bit limiting in defence. However, he has fast generating mana.

I have a fully levelled Insarnia, Gravemaker, and Rigard to work with them…

Any advice is welcome :grin:

Drake obviously. Fast SS always wins vs. slow SS. The AoE doesn’t matter here, Drake covers most of the board which is good enough for his SS.


Drake. Much better than Justice


Justice vs Leonardis, that’s my choice and I’m leaning to Lenonardis

Agree 100% with @madmarv! Drake is a great hero to have at max.

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Well now I’ve seen Anchor’s grading of Inari I’m wondering if I should level her!

I would do Leo if I had him

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How is this a question?!!? Drake all the way.


Bruce Lee!!! :rofl:


Drake…nuff said :slight_smile:

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Level Drake if you’re lacking snipers and damage dealers in your team. You’re not going to be winning much by dodging, except a bunch of minions that might tickle the opposition to a very slow death…:wink:

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Thanks all - I went with Drake.

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Thanks, that was sorta a joke questions, I’ve had Justice at 3/70 with no expectation to lvl her and thankfully Leo popped out of TC20 to save the mats.

Drake is the best choice :ok_hand:



Drake is better but I hate his art. Justice looks way cooler and has a cool name. Yes this is what I’ve given myself headaches over. I have the same choice and I’m legitimately tempted to max justice instead just because she’s a cooler hero. I probably won’t but drake is so unpleasant for me to look at it’s kind of painful to feed him 6 darts.


I absolutely understand this. I feel the same way about Gregorion and I imagine it’s a struggle for many of those with shiny new xmas event heroes.

Art over function!


Yeah the Christmas heroes are visually unappealing to me. Buddy and mother north are good but can you imagine using those heroes in like spring? Lmao. Like I’m gonna max Santa Claus and put him on my defense team during Easter…

What about drake vs Delilah for tank? I have both maxed… Rainbow team.

Delilah is a great tank. Drake is more of a flank hero.


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