Justice or Chao?

Does anybody know what Justice’s stats are at 3/70 and is a 3/70 justice worthwhile over a 4/70 chao? This isn’t really with offense in mind, I prefer Wu over chao offensively. Currently using a 4/70 kiril as tank on defense, but if a 3/70 justice is a solid tank option I would move kiril to flank. My justice is currently level 1 so I have no idea what the stats look like at 3/70, I didn’t want to use resources on her yet

Justice is really only worth it if maxed. Chao makes a pretty decent tank at 4-70. And if it’s offense you’re worried about , definitely Chao all the way.

I don’t know about justice but I got a ton of great opinions on Chao here:


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As useful as he is on offence, Chao is a total liability on defence. I’d ascend Justice and use her instead even if her stats were slightly inferior, because her special is excellent on defence, while Chao’s certainly is not.


Justice stats at 3/70: 512, 652, 1198

Oh that’s decent. Would she make a better tank with those stats than a maxed kiril or is it just better to put the healer front and centre?