Justice needs a buff

Hello mods can someone explain to me
Why season 3 heroes get buffed and Justice doesn’t?

Like Buffing Heimdall before Justice? Huh? What?

Please someone explain it to me
With something other than “they do it for the money” or I’ll cry

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It’s a “injustice” huh lol …I also would love to see Justice and say WOW!! What a great hero!! Honestly I don’t think they will make any change for now, but let’s pray for that, cuz game now it’s much more dynamic and it would be cool to make S1 heroes be more useful🙏🏻


It’s just a question of power creep.

Season 3 heroes are much harder to get than season 1, so they’re more powerful - in terms of keeping the game evolving, a little bit of this is both expected and necessary.

Justice will get a costume at some point and costume bonus will put her on par with season 3 heroes.

But anything that pops out of TC20 is going to be weaker generally… It’s no more the case with Justice than it is with Thorne or Khagan.

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Exactly! “We want more variety in tanks” well how about buffing Horghall and Justice into what they were meant to be? They need love too. I doubt there’s a single appearance of either as tank in the top 100

Because they’re season one heroes, relatively easy to get even for F2P (with patience).

And because if they were viable without costume bonus they’d be OP with it.

@BubblesUK but if I don’t get the costume then my Justice is still poop. Also Horghall got a costume and he’s still nowhere near top tanks (representation wise at least).

I expected people to say costume but Heimdall got a straight buff, that makes no sense and it’s not the same. If I want Horghall’s buff (costume) I’d need to get lucky/spend money. I might as well roll for Heimdall.

How would making Horghall and Justice viable make them OP with the costume? A lot of heroes are viable without costume and not OP with costume. In fact most.

It’s up to you where you roll.

And sure, Horg costume isn’t a great tank… But nor are some season 3 heroes - not all heroes make good tanks.

Heimdall is a great tank… and got buffed, that’s the point of this thread.

Of course I can choose to spend were i want lol

Making them viable without costume bonus?

Because costume bonus versions would then get boosted beyond that.

Costume versions are typically viable in diamond… Only a few season 1’s can hang it up there on defence without and it’s typically fast snipers, usually on wings and always with huge amounts of emblems.

Moderators don’t make game balance decisions :man_shrugging:

I moved your topic to Ideas and Feature requests category as well.

Justice has been buffed before too IIRC. I think the consensus among most players is that she’s a fine tank for an S1 hero.

Problem for me is her stats – and in general the stats of S1 heroes – have really, really fallen behind compared to the new stat creeps we’re getting in the next update.

They were already behind in stats compared to S2 and now you basically really need a costume to make S1 heroes viable for defense.

For offense there’s still a good amount of S1 that are still useable even without costume. I don’t think Justice is one of them though, save for specific formats like Rush Attack tournaments.


Yep, he is.

Tiny, tiny buff though really.

If anything, it’s an excuse to fiddle power level upwards to make them more desirable to people who aren’t looking hard…

You’re making mountains out of molehills IMHO

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at first glance there should be no hero called justice as we have WAR!!!

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Actually, I spoke to Justice and she said that if she was the only hero who had a trial named after her, she was cool with her current stats.


Thanks for moving the thread to the appropriate place @DaveCozy

I don’t however agree that the consensus is that justice is fine… in fact I struggle to find Justice tanks at most raid/war levels. Horghall is poop too. Heimdal is all over raids/wars.

The question is how do you justify buffing a very commonly featured tank instead of the least festured and freely available heroes if your mission is to increase variety in the tank position? Give us some competitive free tanks and you’ll see a ton of variety.

As per the OP with costume bonus I don’t get it. @BubblesUK you are saying it’s ok for snipers but no for tanks?

No… It’s just different - faster mana tends to make heroes easier to use and more reliable to fire.

That and the very nature of the tank position means it’s the most stats sensitive… Especially when slower skills are involved.

Umm - no?

Make the heroes that everyone’s got into competitive diamond level performers and nobody will be trying to pull rarer heroes… You could easily end up with even less variation than we have now with HOTM’s dominating.

It wants to be the rarer heroes that have the slight edge - that’s his you’ll get actual variety showing through.

Lol I have costume Sartana, she is viable without the costume. With it she is a beast and competes at the top. People will still pull for seshat.

On a more direct comparison, Richard is competitive for tank as is. When his costume came out it didn’t break the game. People are still pulling for other tanks. I’m just saying bring them to Richard viable level… and yes I understand that Heimdall got a small change but he most definitely didn’t need a buff. No one in their right mind looked at Heimdall and thought “hmmm that guy needs a buff”. My baby justice on the other hand… #justice4justice

Agree with u 100% on that. I to have justice and I still use her as she is a very underrated hero. But can u imagine her being buffed to say average or even fast. Still keeping her at the same 240% damage to all and the -40 blind accuracy. She would be a match for a lot of the new season 3 hero’s. A great tank from the past that is well over due an update… not a costume just an update!

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Giving her average speed would make her better than Ursena which might be too much but there’s a lot more that could be done, leave as is but add mana cut in the lines of Neith or straight up raise her attack. It doesn’t need to be drastic as long as it makes her viable at tank

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