Just wondering if anyone elses luck as bad as mine

so my luck is horrible with event pulls i’m c2p and have only pulled one event hero worth anything (gafar sand event) i’ve pulled at least 2 times in each event have never seen a monthly hero

Save gems, do 10x pulls, it’s much more rewarding, and you get a discount on your price per pull. It’s worth saving your gems, highly recommend.

After almost a year in game and with MANY 10x pulls I have zero 5* event heroes, but several HOTM. The event hero % drop rate is REALLY LOW, do not expect anything and you will be happier overall.

Can’t say my luck is same as yours, I pulled all Xmas heroes, got guin and Arthur in same 10 pull. And on average have probably the best luck in my alliance at pulls, currently have approx 23 5* heroes and been playing for around 5months


C2P since May last year. 125-150 summons via gems/coins/tokens. 0 HOTM

got lucky on a coin last month and got my first hotm

well hopefully some of your luck rubs off on me for next month

Wow @Fridgie that is awesome! You are very lucky!!!

@PHANTASMAGORICAL Do you mean 2x10 pulls, or literally just 2 pulls?

The expected number of pulls to get a monthly hero is about 77. The 95% probable point is 229 pulls.

With 2 pulls, your chance of a monthly hero is only 2.58%.

Your chances of pulling a HOTM is 1.3%. Not getting one after 2 pulls per month is very much normal.

i got lucky with that but really want an event hero

yea i’m really c2p meaning just the dragon occasionally i’ve gotten the deal for atlantis

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If you’ve done less than 77 pulls and still gotten one HOTM, you’re luckier than average :smile:

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Im chip out of luck on event heroes aswell. I’ve managed to snag Gretel and that’s it. Unless you count 3* heroes, then Rudolph too. During december I got him but couldn’t get buddy :frowning:

I’ve had it a bit better with the monthly heroes though. I got 1 Khiona after doing only a few single pulls. I think I had to do 3 or 4 single pulls to ger her. I got 2 Evelyn last month, one from a epic hero token and one from a x10 pull.

I may try my luck in getting Onatel from atlantis this month but I feel like I used up all my luck last month. Lol

For some reason, especially so. I’m probably more than a c2p player, I buy gem deals and go after heroes I want when I can. Start of this month had the green elemental challenge and I kinda really wanted lianna, I’d waited to do a pull for the new HOTM also, got them both in the first 10 pull. Got Leonidas twice in the same 10 pull plus zimkitha… But then the realisation sets in… I have a massive amount of 5* heroes sitting there doing nothing, I currently don’t have a single 4*+ hero fully ascended, yeah I get good pulls, but I get crappy mats. I have 5 red 5* heroes, and 6 rings… I couldn’t get boots for love nor money for quite a while. I’m sure my luck will fade in the pulls, I just hope it picks up in the mats lol

Since I started in September - 0 Hotm. 0 - 5*. 5 - 4* - Caedmon, Sabina, Scarlett, my 2nd Wu Kong, and Boril. Lots of crap 3*…I trained my dragon to charbroil Gunnar on sight.

First Wu Kong was out of TC13 and then nothing from there…other than Oberon which reminds me I need the dragon to focus on his scrawny butt too.

This being F2P until last month when I sprung for VIP.

so… doing a 10x pull makes your chances of getting the HOTM is 10x ?

i’ve saw someone pull 3 off a 10x pull but i think the percentage stays the same i’ve only done one 10x and didn’t even get the joy or let down of it game crashed came back to here’s 9 3*s and kiril

The % is always the same. You just get it for cheaper.

Correct, a 10 pull gives you 10 chances at getting hero of the month, not a guarantee, and not increased odds. Just increased chances.

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I tend to side with people saying max a couple of 3* teams then a 4* team because of the materials needed for ascension on 5* characters & the amount of experience needed to level them for them to be effective

Lucky not sure if I am my first 4* was Boldtusk (BT) in my first week and my first 5* was Evelyn in the Atlantis summons last month. I have about 5 weeks in the game now and this is my box

Do yo call this LUCKY?

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