Just why? My rant


I start off by saying that it’s taken some time for me to get to this point and I will apologize for the lengthy read but last night I reached the pinnacle of frustration.

I started playing this game June of 2017 and it was fun and exciting. I enjoyed the storyline, the heroes and the mechanics. Raiding has always been frustrating but figuring out how to beat opponents was fun. Summoning heroes and getting elemental chests was the best but…

For whatever reason with all the updates the game has become more frustrating than ever.
1.) Raids: it’s not strategy anymore it’s just dumb luck now. The raid boards have been horrific too many times are specific time colors missing. I know it’s random but you can’t have three straight boards colors are missing. Can’t it be more even where the board is evenly spread out and then you can strategically move tiles around.
2) Titans: similar issue too many times there are no good matches or combos at all. Stunning Titans has become really difficult and arrows barely ever work on 10 stars. When I farm I get all kinds of amazing boards all the time, we 10-15 hit combos. Where is that on Titans?
3) Summons: i understand that the game doesn’t want everyone to have the best teams unless you spend big money of the game. But after playing 8 months loyal members of the game should get some reward for our loyalty and increase our chances. I’ve summoned so many heroes from TC20 and not a single five star. I lost count after 50 summons. Not even a repeat five star. Again I know it’s all luck but come on man.
3) Loot: this is my biggest gripe and the real reason for my rant. 1,2 and 3 I can learn to live with because eventually everyone else has to deal with it to and every now and then the gaming gods bless me but loot… when I started playing this game back in June my first three elemental chests purple, yellow and blue all gave me unfarmable ascension items and three golden tokens. Heck elemental chests are the only reason people use gems to speed up chests. But now more and more times all three tokens are silver and the items are all farmable. That needs to be fixed. You can’t screw up the best chest in the game. Below I’ll post pics of my fire chest from last night. It took me a while to fill it because it’s 150 fire enemies but once I finally got it I wanted to throw my phone.

Outside of the 30 gems which I believe is the lowest you can get from these chests everything else is farmable. Heck the flask could have been an alliance flask since it’s the only one you can’t buy. Ok that’s enough from me, but I’ll end with this. If it wasn’t for the people playing this game and the friends I’ve made I would have quit by now. Just saying…


Preach brother Preach!


My alliance is the only thing keeping me in this game and lately that is almost not enough anymore…game used to be fun but it is quickly turning into more frustration then it is worth.


I usually am pretty quick to support the game and how slow it can be, but this is one area that really rubbed me the wrong way - you have to wait so long for everything, but for the elemental chests it can be a month and if it’s a fire chest, well, you are investing a lot of time and world energy into it, even if you can farm 20-4. This one felt like a gut punch when I noticed it after an update or two ago. I am with you @pops on this one.

Heck, even if they nerfed the tokens OR the ascension mats I think I could still mostly deal, but both really sucked.


Don’t get me started on nerfing… heroes get nerfed once you get them and now tornados got nerfed but not there cost really


Seeing an item nerfed was odd, I will agree.

I’m not so super passionate on the hero nerfing as some - in a way I can see it as a balance mechanism - if one hero creates SUCH a competitive advantage to the detriment of the community I can see at least a potential justification. NOW - I have not been around since the beginning so I can’t say that this has happened though from my reading, there are a few that may fit the bill. Especially on titans.

NOW - if I had such hero in my roster, I’d probably feel differently especially if I had to invest a ton to get them.


Just opened a nature chest yesterday and 3 garbage grey tokens…I get get 2 nonfarmable items but I need hero tokens more. Used to get glepic hero tokens all the time in those chest and last few chest, nothing but lame grey ones.


Not as bad as this


At least you get the Rare Wanted chests. Since I avoid Raid, I don’t seem to see these chests as often. I’d love to get your 30 tokens. :wink:


I intentionally ignore many things that has already stated many times in other threads, and it’s useless join the choir of “it’s a frustrating game!” 'cause is not the case for me.

That said, i want to strongly agree on one single thing: nerfing elemental chest was really cheap and completely unnecessary, same as nerfing completation rewards on events.

You seem to give with one hand (returning good rewards for rare quests) and take away with the other.
Unable to really increase good stuff but only give an illusion of doing it.

Just wanna do a reasoning.
When it comes the day (and you know that it comes, it’s only a matter of time) that the game not going this well anymore, giving a little more stuff may had help delaying that day?


20 gems is a new low for a completion of one of these chests…


Now I cant even hope eagerly to get a color chest anymore…?? so what to hope??? rare quests and monthly events? BLEH
I am online about 15 hours a day on forum and game… hit EVERY titan at least 6 times (5 when we kill easier), getting AT LEAST 70-80k damage… program myself to log in in the moment the chests are free to fill them quickly and open 3-4 chests per day. FOR WHAT? Its really starting to get on nerves

But on the other hand I wonder… if we NEED ascension materials and make all efforts, what is the motivation of top players?? They play daily for what? Get all the heroes of the game fully loaded? What’s the fun on that? After you have everything, what else? Get every hero of the month and evolve them? I cant believe in such fanatism…


I wonder what their long term solution to this issue is ? And it IS and issue, make no mistake. That’s the only thing everyone keeps talking about…I’m trying to stay positive and continue to play the game, working on other heroes, raiding (which are total bs as of late btw), etc…but if things don’t change many people might be calling it quits…My gut feeling…At the very least decrease the level of effort/play time…