Just want to share

I opened this discussion not because I was bored or discouraged but only wanted to share stories.

I’ve played this game for 5 months, my level of player is 34, I have 3 solid teams for war and 2 have not been solid. In the past few days I felt tired in this game, it feels like every time I play this game my energy is drained but I love this game just feeling tired, and the peak of my fatigue is always during war events where I have to control my alliance team and manage member attacks I. one of the wars this time where we were far behind the point and we were hopeless where some of our players had bad luck on the battlefield and it drained my brain so that we could catch up with enough points (-1600 points) but in the end we were able to reverse the situation where our alliance could steal points to +300. secondly I am also tired of training my hero, I always want my team to be solid so that in our war we will be stronger in facing more severe opponents.
but in the end I will keep playing until my goal is achieved in this game.

is this only experienced by me? Are there friends here who also feel things like me? :hugs:

Note : i’m sorry if my english is bad

You are not allone. When I was a bit more far as you are now I felt the same…but I got my fun back when I received some good 5* heroes from TC20 and then had a new Goal: Level all to max!
The game is getting a bit like daily business at a certain point but now I am looking forward to see what SM prepared for X-Mas! So stay excited!

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Are you the leader of your alliance since you are controlling wars? Maybe you could appoint a co-leader as war chief?

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yes this game is like we work in an office and we are chased deadlines by our boss hahahahaha …

yes it is a pleasure if we get the hero we want, but in the end players like me who are in a rising position are a burden because of training 1 hero 5 * takes time and super activity, and fatigue increases because the war schedule is too close to the time

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I am not a leader but my position is a co leader for war. Our leader is a stupid and funny man :rofl: but our members all like him.
our leader is not like me, Our leader is not very interested in analyzing this game.
at first this team did not have a strategy to play in war, but over time I always observed the patterns of our opponents all and I made a reference for my team and tried the strategies that I said and slowly our work was successful and at that time I was appointed as co leader in war

Ascension bottle neck is my depression, 4 x 5* on 3/70, not willing to put up US $100 on D.Blades,
Sick of farming on 8-7. Feeling like you’re stuck in a pixel hell hole , and Valen , renfeld looking down and laughing at your misfortune.
I hope that cheers you up and motivate you to continue with this wonderful game.


I am sometimes bored with existing missions, repeated events, seasonal events whose prizes are not attractive.
I hope there is an event that is truly special with a good prize even if it is only held 1 year 2 times

Free T shirt for anyone completing Xmas event, legendary level.

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I also hope that there are senior members who propose that the war has a holiday time, for example a 1 month war runs 4 times but is made into 1 month only 3 times so that the players can feel a relaxed day.

Yeaahh i want that t-shirt :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Do you want to walk around and let people know that you play this wonderful game.
I’m too embarrassed to tell people I play this very pedestrian game, they think it too slow. And only people who are active on Facebook that actually play this game ie old people.

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hahahaha … but I bet old people who play this game won’t last long, this game is only for players who have high level of patience :rofl::rofl:

People in nursing home have a lot of time on their hands. Probably dead before they can max their rainbow 5*.

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It looks like you take this game too serious. :wink: There was a short period when I started feeling the same, but I realized that I’m trying to influence the things I can’t control and relaxed. It also helped me to make a game more fun by having some challenges for myself like farming using not completely ascended teams of newly summoned heroes (Atlantis 4* and 3* I never used before) and see how far I can go with them.

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hahahahaha… :rofl::rofl: really you made me laugh, I got a new friend who was humorous.
Glad someone entertained me

seriously hmm … :thinking::thinking: maybe. because in my alliance nobody is interested in analyzing, only just knowing it’s hit-attack and hit-attack again hahahaha …

52 years old and still playing. Level 61 now! :rofl: