Just want to air my grievance

So, the month of December has probably been the unluckiest month I’ve had since I started this game in July. Or perhaps I was just extremely lucky until now.

I would say that I’m a C2P sort, only buying the occasional deal and keeping up VIP, but I splurged this past month… Nothing but what I got from the combinations of gifts and a Christmas bonus, but it was over $250 easy. More than I have ever spent in such a short time on anything that wasn’t bill related. I really enjoy this game, so I don’t have much regret spending money to support it.

I spent that much for the hopes of a couple of heroes, Arthur and Evelyn, because I mostly enjoy smashing titans in their funny looking faces. Got neither. That was pretty sad. I did get a few 4* star heroes that I was satisfied with (Merlin and Rigard to name the top two), but what surprised me the most was that I got not a single 5* out of all that summoning I did. I looked at my numbers and realized that I must have done easily over 120 summons, and now I am a little more than just sad. I’m quite possibly frustrated.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to start rambling about how unfair SG is or how I deserve to get one hero or another. But I seriously was dumbfounded. Since I’ve started in July, I’ve either been pretty lucky, or was just incredibly unlucky this past month. At this moment, I don’t know which. I have quite a handful of 5*'s:
Previous HOTM:

And Lots of great 4*'s and 3*'s. All in all, I’m typically a happy player. I often save up gems for Atlantis Summons, Knights, and Guardians. I also purchase the deals (monthly budget is typically around $30-$45), so once again, was just surprised at how I received no 5* for over $250 worth of gems purchased.

Was I just extremely unlucky this time? Or have I just been extremely lucky? I know the odds, though I’m no statistician. I know what a Gatcha is (I love real life Gatchas). My faith in this game is shook. This event alone has me reconsidering so much in regards to my spending habits on this game.

Once again, I love this game. I don’t think SG “owes” me anything. I’m just feeling a little hurt this time. So much so, I’ve been only logging on once, maybe twice a day now instead of my usual eight to ten times.

Thank you to all those who have spent their quality time reading this wall of text. You didn’t have to, but I appreciate that you did.


I have the exact same experience. Thanks for sharing.


If you started in July, have been C2P, and have collected Khionna, Aegir, Zimkitha (x2), Alberich, Magni, Obakan, Rumpelstiltskin, Khagan (x2) and Elena, then you have been stunningly lucky, and I say this as a player who has themself been quite lucky. Summoning 120 times and not getting a 5* hero is a bit disappointing, but not at all unusual.


… Is it bad I was hoping someone would come in and say that I was just unlucky in December and it was unusual to not get a 5* out of 120 summons?

Oh well. I guess it was good while it lasted. XD


Hi , wath i can say is , not always going full mental with spendings will bring you wath you wish for , me personaly i started 1 year ago and got some experience , i remember going for guin an panther in the events and probably spent over 500$ without geting them , afther 7 or so months i reached 1 conclusion 20$ per month will be more then enough for me .
That being sed , you must be very freaking unluky, 120 puls without a 5* that will probably hurt my feelings

Looks like you’ve paid your dues for pulling Alberich.

December write-off in exchange for Alby isn’t bad at all.

But I hear ya, disappointed but not unreasonable about it all. Always next time :slight_smile:


@linksanelf2006 The chances of no 5* and no Evelyn if you did 120 summons on Avalon is about 1% occurrence rate. So a little unlucky but not stunnungly so. If there are 100,000 people doing draws like this in December, then probably about 1,000 of them have had a similar experience. You’ve got a lot of company.

As @Brobb says, you’ve been very lucky to date with your pulls. 4 HOTM when averaging 11ish pulls per month is really much higher than expected. That would only happen 2 times in every 1000 times somebody tried it.

So you’ve been about 5x as lucky over the past several months as you were unlucky this month.


Like I said, I’m not angry or mad that I didn’t get a hero I wanted (Arthur or Evelyn), but my luck has obviously made me get used to a specific result. So not seeing that result for the first time just bums me out.

Thanks for the responses, at least I know that my expectations have been set higher than they should have been.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Alby. He easily has made the largest difference in being able to easily defeat quests and story missions on Hard. I’m sure he’s the reason why my score hasn’t fallen badly on the defense as well, and why I typically don’t die in one attack on wars.

But I like fighting Titans, and he’s pretty bad at that. Did you know that the titan attacks wait for his impressively long special animation to finish? I activate his special and throw tiles and have to wait 3-5 seconds before I can attack again… thus why I was really hoping for Evelyn as she would be the perfect replacement in titan attacks (Green for Green with an awesome debuff).

But yes, I’m more than grateful to have Alby, and wouldn’t trade him for the $250 bucks I spent in December.


Thats is really bad luck 120 summon supposed to gave u 5* , but RNG is showing no mercy sometimes, sorry for that!

But yes your draw before December is good and You got The good HOTM, so cheers. Hope your luck back to u asap.

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Better heroes than I have and I play for 1,5 years…so no reason to claim my dear. Looks like you finally got a “normal” month.

I hope you brought the customary Festivus pole… :wink:


I ranted somewhere in November where I tried to get Victor during October Halloween event.

Did 120x pulls during the stupid event and got my 3rd Sartana with no Victor and not even Aegir.

Did 90x during Nov Atlantis just to get Zim and my 2nd Ares and Mitsuko.

When the RNG is not with you, it really sucks but thats just the way the game works.

Last Atlantis, 16x pulls gave me a Mok-Arr. No idea if I should be happy or not. Then another 34x pulls and got my Kagebrother. Went over budget due to 80x pulls during Xmas event and didnt get MN or Santa but did get 2x Evelyns.

Finally, did a total of 50x pulls to get the 5th AM chest.


I spend a bit. Nothing crazy and on my main account I have yet to pull ONE season two 5 star. Probably close to 200 summons and nada. I had a real bad stretch September into October. No Victor. No 5 star from Atlantis. No Khiona. But i know its an ebb and flow and you seem to as well so i think thats good. I know nothing is guaranteed. Ended up having a decent December with some nice pulls. Its good to have a grip like we do though. I see so many people complain about a system thats in place for a reason, i wonder why they dont just play another game instead. Just know the frustration is not singular amd i have felt your pain deeply. Haha

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RNG is simply maddening. I did far more pulls than usual , around 120 in last atlantis, to get almost nothing. Then my c2p alt, who always has had no luck with pulls, after months of saving does a single 10 pull and get Kage and Athena. The icing on the cake was that I made no pull at Xmas, great heroes but I have an issue with santa and cooking Ladies in my roster, well one of the calendar offers had 3 hero tokens so I used them, and out comes Mother North, Buddy and Rudolph.


Once spending sucks the fun out of the game, stop spending. Go f2p(or just get vip) for awhile, if still not enthused with the game then hang it up. But i would definitely give the f2p style a chance first.

I started f2p then after 3 months went p2p. Now a year later I’ve gone back to f2p. I still enjoy seeing good pulls from others without the jealousy factoring in from seeing my own disappointing pulls. I didn’t go f2p because if bad summons. None the less i do enjoy the game a lot more when i don’t see it as another bill collector.

Anyways money lost is money lost, blow it off and try to have fun with a free pass time


The hardest part of playing the Gacha is managing your expectations.


That’s what my plan is for the moment. I’m crossing my fingers for lots of gold hero tokens though! I’ll probably end up doing one 10 pull before the month is over and cross my fingers i get this months hotm!

I think it’s odd i only got Evelyn once last month with all the money i spent! But, i only really needed one of her anyway! Lianna, Zeline and Evelyn are all lined up and hungry!


Eh I’m leveling what i have. If i get anymore heros, great, but if not oh well. Camaraderie is my prime focus. Competition is too expensive to compete with. Laughs and gameplay are free.


That’s definitely another part to the equation. You spend lots of money and get great heros. Then you have to still grind it out and level them like everyone else! It can be overwhelming!

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