Just wanna share this feel-good war experience :)

I assume most people here jump into wars with a laser focus to win, and after each war finish you’d simply reflect on where your alliance could have done better, or relish on how well some of your hard hitting teammates (or yourself) may have pushed you towards a good win, or how frustrated you were while not everyone have used their hits, or simply how annoying a wall of telly tanks are on the opposing team.

This war my alliance had taken part in was kinda different, in that both sides had spent all our hits, down to the very last hour, in a pretty close points spread within the range of a little over 1 winnable match at 5421 our loss to a 5478 their win.

But in the end, none of us really felt defeated, but rather patted ourselves in the back for a valiant team effort and coordination, with a decent war score for our alliance average that had put up a good and ultimately satisfying fight.

Within our alliance, we were discussing how we sometime wished Small Giant would have allowed in-game chat with our opponents (tho completely understand why they didn’t have such feature, just imagine all the toxic sh*t talking), and this was one of those wars where we’d have gladly shook the others’ hands after a great match, even with our loss. Both sides had given our all, 360 hits total, down to the last minutes, and it felt great.

Literally seconds after expressing this and jumping back into the war field to review, we’d come across this on the opponent’s alliance intro:

In case you’re wondering, our alliance’s name is “The A-Team”

They have felt the exact same way! How cool was that??
We’d immediately returned the gesture as we’d felt the same way.

If you folks from Raza Fuerte see this, thank you for the great match and great sportsmanship, it had made our in-game experience that much more pleasant, even if it’s just for that short moment. :slight_smile: Also please forgive me for misspelling “Felicidades,” I rushed in typing out what I saw from google translation :laughing: But Bien jugado! :handshake:

That is all, hope everyone in this game community encounters this type of feel-good moments someday. :slight_smile:


And that is how wars should be played and enjoyed!

I found the close battles were infinitely more enjoyable than a blow out victory. Blow out Losses can occur for myriad reasons so I never sweated them.

Regarding war chat with your opponent…I don’t know if you use Line or Discord, but if you do, put a shout out to your war opponent in your alliance banner and set up a group to banter with each other! It makes the whole war extra fun :blush:.

Good luck, thanks for the great post and happy gaming. :slightly_smiling_face:

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