Just Un-Fun! - Rush Wars

Costume are you sure?

Maybe V.fast war but only rainbow team.

So at least there’s no Double MN, Double Alfrike and Krampus / BK.

But so far i still enjoy it. Cause i can use lots of my 4 stars team (mostly healer and Mana Control)

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It is unquestionably coming.
S2 costumes are in beta.
S3 on the way

New event heroes are already getting them. Since you are VIP only. I highly recommend that you Don’t hold your breath. Like I said. Your "opposition" will get the costumes for Alfrike and MN.

Have fun with that

I’ll take it because I am not looking forward to going up against 5 Alfrikes +20 on Def.

Imagine your Costume Alfrike become a Fighter. Lol

I’m going to quit.


Because matchmaking is so good right we won’t be matched like that or are players in the wrong alliance?

I definitely am! More and more are bored. More and more are tired. And removing themselves from the time suck of top gameplay. As they drift away you will find this:

Fun for newcomers! Weeeeeeeee
Enjoy the paywall with so many different niches, muuaaahahaha

You really don’t need skill anymore
Just buy the niche heroes, and push buttons. Fun…

Oh your friend doesn’t have any niche very slow heroes? That is very unfortunate! How sad.
They are likely to struggle…
After which, they can come here and be told:
“You need to learn to play”

Get ready for more threads like this.

Enjoy broken balance. And then afterwards. Enjoy more broken balance.



I’ve been playing four years c2p

I was lucky this war, RNGesus was looking over my shoulder (strange considering I was sitting on the toilet), and told me which shields to move resulting in lucky cascades.
…but yes, I’m on team F- fast wars.

Big chip on your shoulder


LOL newcomers should not be facing Alfrike in wars.


I wonder how a mode where defense got say a 100% stat boost would be received. Do people hate rush because of the mode itself? Or do people hate losing? Field aid caused more losses and people hated that.

Is it in SG’s best interest to boost the offensive win rate?

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Not sure, but there’s way too much anger in the forum. It’s a shame we don’t see more praise for the game here


That’s off-topic but for those who know me, I’m more perturbed by the argument:
"I love Rush, I get to use my slow hero"

Rather than balancing the slow hero to make it worthy of the reduced speed.

To love the hero,

and not the mode…

I was invested…
involved with many of those :point_up_2:conversations for a couple years before… Rush Mode came a long and opened up new ways to continue destroying balance even further. By allowing creeps to continue gather speed and damage.

And people go along with it.
For now…

In the meantime here is a truth:

  • Alfrike is not imba.
  • Alfrike is not broken!
    She is perfectly balanced for her speed!

More Very Slow releases are coming!
They will also be balanced!
And attractive! Lucrative :wink:

But many will misunderstand…
And say the new heroes are OP and need a nerf. And they will all be looking at the problem through muddy lenses.

You’ll figure it out. I promise

Ok just for the record I’m not a noob who needs to learn, I repeat I’ve been playing for four years and learnt this game well and as a c2p player the hard way.

We all need to adapt and overcome. Alfrike is no longer a new hero and she brings good changes to the game. I would rather face Alfrike and have a challenge than Obakan. She’s like many others but obviously better.

I don’t have Alf but I enjoy the challenge because basically when it comes down to it, it’s all about the boards. I wish you well.


This is all true, but what does it have to do with rush wars? Rush wars increase the dependence on good boards and good board manipulation. That is all. I still use fast and average heroes in them for their special effects. I also use a few slow heroes regularly when I raid.

Different situations require different approaches. That is why I like rush wars. I also enjoyed the challenge of field aid. Otherwise it’s all the same thing.


And this is why,

I disagree. I don’t worry about boards or tiles at all. I load-up my slows, don’t color stack…and do NOT struggle. I’m well equipped in this rush niche. I wasn’t involved with slow balance threads for years…for my health.

Skills trump tiles in rush. For you it’s fun.
For me its boring.

That’s the new world order.
If you have the niche.
Your board dependency drops

Wait for the next Very Slow hero.
And we’ll circle back.

When the nerf threads blow up again,
Claiming that those heroes are broken…

well its ok sometimes to use all this slow heroes that we do not use mostly but i will more likka that all this rush wars and turnament is SPEED UP
that all heroes is for one step faster
avarage is fast
fast is very fast
slow is avarage and etc


That doesn’t change much and that’s basically what mana node and mana troops do, that’s boring. V.fast is good

Nerf threads blow up all the time. Often for the reason that “I can’t beat this hero”. I’ve been avoiding them since Tellygate. There is often little/no logic involved.

If you don’t like rush wars because you constantly face Alfrike maybe you are in an alliance at a higher level than you should be. Oh but wait, it can’t possibly be YOUR fault. Must be the game.

Much like the “boards are rigged” conspiracies.