Just Un-Fun! - Rush Wars

Is it just me or is VF Wars becoming more and more UN-fun?
If you are in a top alliance, here’s what you are up against…
Must take out tank on first move or you will most likely lose because the majority of the tanks are Alfrike or LadyLake.
All other defense heroes are Healers/Revivors, so this means the defense will just revive, heal, and over-heal causing time to run out and that results in a loss.

Just frustrating more than anything really.

  • Keep Rush Wars
  • Get Rid of Rush Wars

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Yes make a vote to remove rush war, they may get rid of it 2 years later like Field Aid lol

By the time people already maxed Alfrike or Alfrikes and slow ones just for rush may cry and ask for it back tho lol

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When you win it’s fun, when you lose it isn’t mwhahahahahah happy Halloween


I know I’m in the minority, but I actually enjoy VF. Given I am not and and never will be in a top alliance, but I enjoy the variation. 2 out of 10 is OK and gives me an excuse to use some heroes I wouldn’t under normal circumstances.


Yeah in my current alliance we don’t face that many Alfrikes (about 10 or less) so usually I take only 2-3 of her. So I don’t really mind rush war either

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I like rush wars best since I have a large bench of slows.

What upped my wins in this format was 3-2 attacks over mono.


Speed has always been critical
debatably… the most critical element for a cards value. Even for events where slow heroes bring to the table more than the faster counter parts with pots in play.

Here’s the problem:
Long before broken Rush Mode was released, All slow heroes were getting benched by developed rosters.

Then more time passed…
More releases. With more speed. More damage. More everything…

More rosters developed. And more slow heroes got benched! It was becoming a very common balance theme throughout the entirety of the forum.

Balancing the bulk of these heroes to make their skill worthy of the slower speed across the entire game would have been a very hefty update.

So instead you get this broken game mode. And another problem…
now they can continue releasing faster and stronger creeps, without regard for balance. Case in point, the new GM card, not to be mistaken for a GM buff. It is not!
Very Fast damage all. That was originally the Slow hero’s job! Now how do you balance the slow hero?!?!

Just imagine if they actually did balance slow heroes to make their skill worthy of the slower speed. Imagine…
how fun Rush mode would be then…

It’s too late now. You get to play bad balance in rush mode. And bad balance… when not in rush mode.

And people will support that!
Because… they love the imbalance…
It makes them feel special


You’re right. Rush Wars are designed to get the Slow heroes off the bench and in the game, but instead how about a Slow only war? This gets them off the bench and just might be fun.


Balance was the proper move.

Now your stuck

Nah I have total 2 slow ones maxed haha, I can’t support that.

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My issue with Slow only is that it would be completely taken over by mono blasts to kill slow tanks.

That is very true.

I don’t mind rush wars. Just one more variation to develop strategies for.

And it does let me use heroes I normally don’t. Hey Quintus, looking at you :wink:


It’s like the rush tournaments and it’s great fun, just enjoy and develop your slow heroes. Let them shine.

Chak, Alf, Viv, G.Owl, BK rule


it’s less fun by all accounts.

Your pretty much at the stage where everything is niche.

Niche anti summon
Niche anti fiend
Niche anti ailment
Niche rush
Niche Titan
Niche everything

And some people like that.
They have the money to enjoy it.
This is a ridiculously expensive game philosophy…

If you don’t have the money to collect all these expensive niche everything’s…
Then you get a larger dose of the imbalance. Don’t have Alfrike with 2 rez?
Too bad…

Take your medicine, and keep grinding
as the game continues to spiral into the next meta which last 2 months until the next portal.
Then there’s a new meta. The slow costumes are going to make Rush unbearable

It really is sad.
But like I said…
it makes people feel special
They spent a lot of money on their slow niche. And they’re lovin’ it.

They’ll figure it out. Probably next year


Rush tourneys, you can use the same offense, not the case in Rush wars.
Try finding a good offense against:
MN LB +20, Alfrike LB +20, LadyLake LB +20, ProLind LB +20, Heim/MN LB +20. Or some variation of that.
You might on your first and maybe your second offense but then those heroes can’t be used after that. And remember, if you don’t get the opening board tiles - you’re done for.

It’s the same for the opposition, it just brings a new concept to the game

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Spending money isn’t really a new concept. When you don’t get Alfrike’s costume, and your “opposition does” I’ll check back in to see what a blast your having.

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Oh and don’t forget to add how much fun it will be to go up against THREE C-Alfrikes all on Def - all LB and +20.
And if you’re lucky - I mean real lucky - to take out 2 of the 3, we got 1 of the 2 C-MN LB +20 on the wings to revive them. LOL


Wo wo wo sweet child o’ mine! Calm down, I only do vip!

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