Just turned off all notifications, any tips on how to manage without them?

I’ve just turned off all notifications, because I am sick of the game hanging, telling me “Come Back, Commander…” while I am playing. It seems to happen most when I am on a final quest stage - I’ve lost over 100 WE from this in the last week or so.

I should be able to track my free summon, and new titans, but I don’t normally set alarms for that sort of stuff - guess I will have to do so.

Does anyone have any advice on what’s worked for them once they’ve turned them off?

I also turned the notifications off when they added those childish icons. I use alarm timers since then.

I turned them off on day 2 of playing. I lost some world energy at lower levels when my max was low, but since it’s been more than 20 i only lose it when I sleep or if i feel unmotivated for a little while. I’ve got a pretty laid back job, and i created my own alliance without any hard core schedules or anything like that so if i don’t hit a titan or use my war flags on minute 1 it doesn’t really matter. Usually I’m able to log in every 2 hrs or so and that’s enough to do most tasks without wasting anything, but I’ve got a pile of loot tickets saved too in case something comes up and I’m nearly maxed on WE. I don’t really enjoy raiding most of the time so unless the chest needs filling i often let the flags go to waste.

Alarms can help if you have deadlines to meet for your alliance, but i only use them near the end of my vip so i can get 2 long duration buildings going to maximize the builder time. Generally though i find that when a game intrudes on my life to the point that i need to regularly set alarms to play it, that’s an obsession warning sign and i quit. To each their own on this though

Also turnes all off to avoid the “come back” one.

In the begining I missed not getting the other notifications, but now I actually don’t miss them anymore. I think even if they removed the “come back” one I would keep them off. This way I play when I want to and not when some game notification prompts me too.

I’m quite active so don’t really miss anything anyway.

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