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This post has no nutritional value. I never posted before, and I dint know where to start. I’ll just share what’s on my mind in the game right now. I’m posting this so we can share in whatever dialogue emerges. I have been playing since April. I recently found an alliance that I engage with regularly. I like us. I’m enjoying the game overall and learning more techniques. For now, I’m working on my team and raising my cups.
As far As my team goes you can see I don’t have a yellow yet. I’m having a hard time finding one that I like. I really love the purple heroes and the red. I think I will keep Colen, Sabina and Balthazar as long as I can. I do wish I could find green and blue heroes that I loved.
I love this lineup for my defense. When I’m attacking with this line up I wish I had other options.
I’m in the silver arena and tweaking some new things to get myself consistently in gold. I’m hoping I can find the materials I need to ascend Sabina and Colen


Thanks for your Just Things @BodakBlu. Reminds me of my start on the forum :wink:

I also enjoyed Balthazar and Colen and still use them quite often.

I hope you can keep enjoying the game and your alliance, the social aspect of the game and common purpose keep a lot of people interested.

It seems like the game is approaching a bit of a crosswords with season two and there’s certainly a bit of an atmosphere at the moment.

If you’re enjoying the game, then you are already victorious.


I bookmarked your topic @BodakBlu with my hopes that you will continue and write to us an update on your progress, … success stories and hopes.

The Just Things Journal by @BodakBlu

Something I will definitely read while having my morning coffee.
Your style is different, … what I like.

Welcome to E&P Forum,


I like all your heroes (naturally you will want to exchange some of these for 4* and 5* as you get those and level them up while retaining these 3* for rare Events and war.

You might want to separate your purples to make them less easier to kill in horozontsl yellow tile attacks. (Maybe switch Balthazar with Berden?)

Looking forward to your next chapter. :slight_smile:


Although you may not find something you like in Yellows you came across. I find that Bane has been a constant rock by my side throughout the earlier parts of my game and his Harmonic Slam is still helpful in many situations…

You didn’t feed Bane to your other heroes did you?


I think I had Bane before and didn’t know what I had. :sob::sob:


What do you have for yellow heros out of curiosity?

I stuck with Balthazar for a long time but ended up eating him as I grew. I still have my Berden until I can finally get some more heros for wars. Wish I had kept some others but that is the learning part of the game.

Finding a good fit for an alliance is a win in my opinion. It helps a lot. This forum is also a great source of information from players at all points in the game.

If you have a question, ask. You will get a lot of different answers and will probably rack your brain as there is no definitive answer to any question. But you will see answers in a variety of forms and may even inform you of something you may not had thought about in making your decision.

Good luck with your progress. It does get frustrating but it also gets very enjoyable too.


It’s ok and doesn’t look like you were alone. Check out the below and you will find a support group from your E&P peers.

Fear not though, you will see Bane again. If you are not a regular spender of or for gems to do summons, your only shot at seeing him again would be the daily summons, the occasional silver summon tokens, and rarer epic hero tokens (which can get you 3* too, more often than not), but by far the more reliable way is for you to churn your training camps to level 13 and do the research there and train. That way, you can get yourself chances at 3* heroes (group including Bane, Gan Ju, Dawa, and Kailani) and small chances at 4* (Li Xiu, Chao, Hu Tao, and the highly coveted Wu Kong). Your ultimate goal as far as training is concerned should be to get yourself to level 20, which still gives you 3*, but higher chances at 4* and small chance at 5*.

Who knows, maybe a better yellow hero is just around the corner and you’d think throwing Bane away in the first place was just a short term pain. But if you do come across him again, I’d hold onto him this time around. You might need him for Purple Titans if you are weak at the yellow and he will be a solid contributor for Rare Event Tiers as well as Alliance War contributor.


A good word. Thank you


I have Dawa. Just started a second team with them.


ok well then another yellow will be needed for sure. She is ok.


Remember Training Camp 13 makes 3* heroes (with a rare chance to get 4*). TC12 will also give 3*. :slight_smile:


It’s been a while … thought of checking if you have something to share.