Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once


A friend asked me, why you stopped at pull number 99? My immediate answer was that … it was called by the “signs” around me to stop this pulling “frenzy” at a two digits … odd number!

As I woke up the next day to do my 100th pull, I was surprised to find that the Atlantis Summoning Event has ended and I can summon no more.

Anyhow, I’m planning to start all over in the next Atlantis Summon event and only do 30 pulls but then, … wait!

You came back, @rook, as I haven’t seen you for awhile… and made the above reply and…

All became clear to me, now …
The signs and the number of pulls I have to do on the next Atlantis Summon event…

since God doesn’t play dice … and I don’t believe in coincidence.

Thank you.

And because I’m happy to see you back! :slightly_smiling_face:

SG, I'm ready to spend 50000 gems to get a 100% Guaranteed HOTM
Empires & Puzzles S2: The 101 Atlantis Pulls + the 9 Bonus Ascension Chest Loots!

Well, I respect your conclusive judgement, … or the lack thereof.


Just to be fair to the subject of the discussion, there are about 2 million people who take the myers-briggs test annually, at the behest of corporate HR departments, colleges, 200 federal agencies including the State Department and the CIA. The company that produces and markets the test makes around $20 million off it each year (2015 est) and this is what other people have said about their experience.

Thank you.

I just couldn’t resist …

You researched the subject “thoroughly enough” and looked up examples of the questions, you say … but did not take the test because you find it to be “utterly pointless” and tell me to …


Empires & Puzzles S2: The 101 Atlantis Pulls + the 9 Bonus Ascension Chest Loots!

Ever since this trailer was released, people were fascinated by one part of it, in particular, where Merida goes off on a rant with her amazingly beautiful Scottish accent saying:

“i gie me mom a cake, she turned into gollier bear, an’ me own da tries ter chucker 'er in. if that’s not a pure 'ames, oi don’t nu waaat is.”

@Shohoku79, do you want to know what Merida says without accents?


Thanks for getting the response into a different thread, I should’ve thought about that when I posted so I won’t be taking too much away from drum’s fanfic.

Any way, I had a vague idea that it had to do with what transpired in her movie involving her and her mother, I remember seeing Brave on an International flight a few years back. But that part of the trailer was very fun to me.


It is funny.

And I guess this means you don’t want to know what Merida is saying without… accent.


There were some parts that were hard to get, but thanks to Google/YouTube, I now know. :smiley:



SG, I'm ready to spend 50000 gems to get a 100% Guaranteed HOTM

That green “gem” on the thump, … it must be Alberich.

Empires & Puzzles S2: The 101 Atlantis Pulls + the 9 Bonus Ascension Chest Loots!

“I give my mom a cake,
She turned into a [gollier?] bear
And my own dad tries to chuck her in (kill her)
If that’s not a pure [‘ames?], I don’t know what is.”

I don’t know what “gollier” or “ames” is.


" I give my mom a cake, she turned into a big bear, and my own dad tries to do her in. If that’s not a pure mess, I don’t know what is."

Their comment she is from the other studio meaning the co producer … Pixar.
So funny!

Yeah I noticed as well. But it wouldn’t be a pure Scottish accent if they were not. Cheers!


I guess I was lucky!
And I knew I will be, … in the next 2 x 10 attempts

It doesn’t count.


A ■■■ for Tat, …shall we?
Thank you for the upvote.


I have scrolled through this topic not just once, not just twice but … trice!

And no snark in this place at all. (Which I find a pity.) So here it is!



Excellent! Now you can easily find your way back to our private conversation any time. Just select my profile picture at the upper right :arrow_upper_right:

Next, can you share one of these links with me? It’ll automatically expand to include a nifty summary.



I don’t think we have had such a thing as a private conversation, sir. And I hope you will excuse me as I have no desire to have one with you now or in the future.


Pls. keep me posted as you reach a significant milestone in your adventure … or have, yet, another amazing video to share.


… Or may be the fact that I suck … in raids!

Can you solve this E&P board Puzzle!
Raiding my Dream Team - Red Hood, Hel, Guinevere, Zeline and Alasie, ... what's yours?

This was one of my first videos (my heroes were weak) against Justice nvl80



At lvl 27 and you beat up a lvl 46 player!

I have subscribed to your channel.
You are a good player whom I can learn from.
What’s the highest local rank you achieved in Brazil?

Keep up the good work.


Grateful Friend, highest rating with 4 * team in Brazil 158 with 2490 cups. I learned a lot here in the forum with good friends, I really like this forum and I wish everyone a good game and continue to help and share knowledge.