Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once


Dear SGG,

Do you know that my teammates are now starting to doubt that I’m actually recieivg valuable ascention items … and lying at them that I’m not?!

Do you know that I will not top the Titan damage charts ever again? …

Thank you for the unworthy… Titan loot.
I’d rather … stay credible.


How about war ?

You just have to be patient enough to sit out a bad streak. :smile:


The only mission I carry out in wars is to use my 6 flags and only kill the Tanks of the opposite teams … so they become easier for my teammates, later on, to … clean those teams … and claim the victory points!


It makes me happy when my teammates shout out something like this in … chat.


Hm… are you going to join the ranks of the retirees, by any chance? :hugs:

No bother, no grind, no work, no hassle, just hitting normal titans, chatting with the ally mates - and raiding to your heart’s content?

This game can be quite amusing if you do not make the mistake of turning it into a job without the pay :blush:

Oh, and if you find a really nice retirement home, they might even free you from the obligation to do your duty in war. I had that good fortune :hugs:.
Thanks to the long-awaited individual opt out.
No more doing my war hits at 11.30 Wednesday night or 6.30 Thursday morning. (I am on Central European time). No more fitting my life around a mobile phone game. Wonderful! :hugs:

So, is retirement on your agenda?

If you are getting tired of the game as a job, give it a shot.


Here is a solution for you SGG…
Make all heroes like these… please.

To the moderators…
Those are not beta heroes… I repeat not beta heroes!
Please don’t remove the images!


Well, … It is not an easy decision to make.
Heart vs. Mind…, you know!

But, what I’ve done, …

  • After making more than 100 Atlantis pulls in this event and only got Mok-Arr, which I already have.
  • After making more than 70 Seasonal event pulls and did not get Victor…

Is that… I purchased an additional 10000 gems … with a plan that I will not use. So to “train” my my heart and mind to overcome this an unhealthy obsession of collecting all 5* legendary heroes from the game…

The good news is … It’s been more than 35 hours … seeing those 10000 gems up there … and not making a single pull … seems to be working!

In addition to this …

Are what I’m retiring from, … right now.

Wish me Luck!

Thank you



Nice account! :hugs:

And that is a very nice start indeed :hugs:

Good idea!
The wish to own every single 5* hero in the game is very costly. I know players who have done that. I do not wish to even guess what they spent.

And exactly for what purpose?
How many heroes do we have, sitting at 3/70, and rarely ever used?
How many heroes do we have, fully ascended, and relegated to the back burner?

I fully ascended Obakan in January, I was young and did not know any better. That hero just sits there, gathering dust.

Or Natalya. My 1st red 5*.
Hm… my 3 reds attack team in raids is Boldtusk, Grave and Azlar. Quite deadly. There is no place for Natalya. Unless I go monochrome.

Doing a few pulls now and then is quite ok. (Consider, in addition, saving up the rare golden coins and using them in the event pulls such as Halloween. Why squander them on ordinary 3* feeders?).

But spending so much money to collect all 5* heroes in the game? What for? To my mind. Plus the ascension materials are needed anyway, if the hero is to be utilized to its full potential.

Great idea to stop trying to get A+ on the titan. A+ is cursed anyway, with regard to the loot. So much effort, only for epeen. Not worth it. And not a good idea to awaken expectations in your alliance that you will “pull the cart” every time.

You made quite a good start on your retirement, dear.

Maybe this comfortable retirement is not possible in your current alliance - possibly due to expectations that you “pull the cart” and perform like a machine. (I speak from experience, left an alliance like this once, when I got sick of being used, with never a word of praise, but lots of jealousy). Or possibly simply due to habit. Don’t want to “let them down” etc etc.

In this case, my advice is to look for a comfortable alliance where you can play in peace. Players do not need alliances, alliances need players. And there is a very nice home waiting for every player, every playing style. Yes, also for retirees. Especially for retirees :hugs:

If you need assistance, drop me a note in Line, anja2017, I can guide you to recruitment groups in Line.

Best of luck, dear.

I retired months ago. No work, no grind, no hassle, no stress, - and no wars, thanks to the individual opt out and a great ally leader - and I have not regretted it for one moment. On the contrary: I enjoy it very much.


Oh dear, @Azure.

A crown!? … a simple :crown:!

You seem to have missed reading what I wrote over here,… Have you?

A simple “crown”, she said!


Shoot me now! OMG!
I can’t read any more. Your posts should come with a warning:

Do not read after major surgery! Extreme laughter will cause intense pain!


I just unlocked my first hero talent node… 56 wizard emblems on the one and only… Guinevere!

I laughed!

It says … 5% chance to deal an extra 15% damage per each active buff the enemies have … as a talent for a hero who doesn’t do damage on enemies but active buffs on its own team…


I believe, theoretically, thIs damage is equal to having an extra devastating second tsunami damage made by a one degree earthquake happening on the surface of planet …Neptune.


WOW! … I’m speechless … thrilled!


Just wait until you see her tile damage against Aegir…

Request to Buff Aegir [Developer Response in Post #100]

We are guilty of wanting things now … immediately … sooner rather than later and when we decide to wait, we become nervous or unable to relax… and after a while, our patience wears out, and we begin looking for instant gratification… accept a smaller piece of what we were waiting for in exchange of instant gratification.

We can’t afford to wait. Time in this game is all about those small gratifications …

And for some, time is money.

I miss the forum, … I miss you too dear @Kerridoc.


Another very special day for me!

The day I made it to the top … with global rank 1!

Because ….

All I do is win win win no matter what
Got money on my mind I can never get enough
And every time I step up in the buildin’
Everybody hands go up
And they stay there
And they say yeah
And they stay there
Up down, up down, up down
‘Cause all I do is win win win
And if you goin’ in put your hands in the air
Make 'em stay there

Thank you

Thanks you E&P for the … inspiration!

The Love Bugs - places available now!

Because of this…

And this…

Welcome to E&P … forums!


…Remember that!


Can someone confirm to me that Airel will be listed as a possible hero to pull in the next Atlantis event? … Similar to Taralak, Misandra, Kageburadu and Mok-Arr on this event.

Or should I continue in the next 3 hours and reach 1K pulls, or even more, until I can finally get her.



Me: Yes, … I’m not your father.


She will be either in the end-of-March Atlantis or in the April Atlantis. No one knows which yet.


Was it because of that?!
Darn, … and I thought it was for me being overly overactive, as always.

Since, …

Brobb, Please!
You are not that kind of a person.


My appologies to you…

That, …
The war matchmaking system found that your …
Lvl 30, 75/130 team cost (3336 TP, 1600 Cups) and
Lvl 29, 59/128 team cost (2903 TP, 1163 cups)
…a match to my…
Lvl 50, 130/130 team cost (4165 TP, 2697 cups)

My apologies, again, that I used 30 of my 5* heroes to defeat your 3* heroes…

But, thanks for the … FREE…war chest points, E&P!


Over & Out , is recruiting

… and in 3 days thereafter, I fully ascended Alice and The Hatter!


Whenever I use The Hatter in a raid I noticed that he is either:

  • The first hero to die from my team, … almost 80% of the times!

  • His mana will be maxed exactly at the turn/hit which makes all enemy buffs … to expire! 15%

  • Sitting there doing nothing the entire fight except for drinking tea from his… teapot! 5%


He is now ranked the second, after Natalia, on the Worthless Heroes I Deeply Regret that I Have Ascended, … List!

Buttomline, …
Don’t use The Hatter if you want green tiles!

“‎You’re not the same as you were before. You were much more… muchier… you’ve lost your muchness.”

Most buffs competition 🦊