Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once


Great observation here @Coldneel.

Yes some players do make money from making videos… but the key ingredients for a profitable method are a loyal, engaged community and a steady stream of videos that are advertiser-friendly. Most creators find that before they can earn money with their channels, they first need to grow an audience and make consistent videos for the viewers to watch.

And believe me … they are making a fortune from that enough to supply a steady income for their P2W needs including HoTM summon pulls.

So my advise to you is to help them … help them by watching their videos, even if it was a video showing their elemental reward or summoning,… or you can also help by running a free Brand campaign for their names in the community, out of love and without getting paid yourself, so they can grow even more especially now season 2 is coming and sure we, the ignorant fools who can not survive without someone guiding us , need to see a lot of their videos so for us know how to get this or do that… not the forum or any other source!

Go ahead and do it, keep helping them… help them to help us and … and try not to be jealous.

A leader who lacks character or integrity will not endure the test of time.

Remember that!


You are the first to highlight this in the forum, @BarryWuzHere , cheers.
I believe you had also analysed the issue and suggested a fix here AW Scoring problem (and fix!). Good read and analysis.

My intake from the Testing some balancing changes for the next war - August 3rd can be summarized with this …

You have improved the attack aspects of AW with this important and smart fix. GJ!
And I’m waiting for your next 2 moves to balance the rest :wink:



It is too late for anyone to do that, @bigpoop :slight_smile:
Anyone who has invested a sane, or even insane, amount of time and money to grind, make their character(s) stronger or create a strong a foundation of his/her characters has made huge investment on their account which will constantly get better based on the amount of efforts they have invested on. They will usually do that on amazing grinding games and for them to stop this and eventually go for another grinding game (yes, usually they do that) it will be a huge disturbance and against their schedule to do that. However, if they managed to quit, they will also take a vaccine and never come back,… unless until … and not after a very short time.

That’s what I know … learned before switching to this amazing game and I’m still happy because of what I did. The vaccine I had after quitting (will not exactly) my previous amazing grinding P2W game lasted for 1 year.

Also, it seems no one spoke about the emotional aspects of grinding games. To be there nurturing your heroes and characters the day they are born and see them grow stronger … watch them take their first baby steps… they memories and stories of every single place they have been to and every achievement they made in their “live”.

Darn,… I used to stay online, for hours, just to watch over my character while at /sleep!
I did incredible things just for the overwhelming thoughts that I’m not good for my RPG character, …not able to accomplish all those great things other players did with their characters.

I did incredible things with my RPG character under the “influence” that “he” is keen toward abandoning and leaving me,… again for not able to bring “him” (Buy) all those great things other players have bought to their characters.

10 years … now log on to the character selection screen just to make sure “he” is there and to let “him” know that I still think of “him” and … love.

Even though “he” doesn’t look at me straight on the eyes, … anymore.

Yeah, I know … :crazy_face:

Thank you.


Come on man, a ode to slot machines? This is really hilarious. This is gambling service that gives you addiction. Go to the appstore and see how the rpg games evolve in the last time. This is an overrated game with no purpose, no strategy and no skill need it. I played 6 months, become bored to death. The game have no future in my opinion, will become 100% cash grab shortly and die…The actions of developers in the last time suggest that. Wake up!


Tell me something which I don’t already know,… which I’m fine with, please.
Otherwise, you are wasting your time…
… and mine.

You can start from here …Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once


Well,… you have said enough!.

As I made a quick tour on your posts since May 2018 … and unfortunately, 90% of them contain the following collection of … responses.

Note to the reader: Following responses are unpleasant.

  • So you say we have to find a way to play their broken game… That’s houmiliating for devs, but they deserve it. We have to make our rules because their rules are hilarious.
  • This is an overrated game with no purpose, no strategy and no skill need it.
  • The game have no future in my opinion, will become 100% cash grab shortly and die
  • Darkness rises definetly a better game. But I keep empires also till September to see if something changing…
  • I’m only concerned about their ideas and signs of developing this game further.
  • Season 2 will be the end of the game for a lot of players
  • So, dear SG developers, after 6 months, you definetly make me to delete your game.
  • What devs do in this interval? NothingDefinetly not doing their job… It’s really embarrassing, not a step in the right direction
  • no need to talk about the worst matchmaking system that I see on all the games I played till now.
  • The matchmaking is still garbageBad ideas from devs to come with this war rules.
  • There are a lot of players that put money on every garbage, because they have a lot money.
  • I quit also but the main problem I have is not the rng at all… but what make me delete this game is the stupid gameplay, the lack of skill
  • I am also delete the game today after 6 months of playing.
  • You’re definitely right, I laugh when I hear this guy from staff come with this excuse.
  • The problem is that the devs are lazy and obviously not the most skilled ones in this bussiness.
  • SG know better than us what stupid algorithm they use in their game
  • They looking for the easy way, stitches, they don’t want to get back to work and redesign a bad product.
  • I think they won’t be able to fix this. Is simply a big hat for them this implementation
  • I already lost my confidence these guys are able to do something.
  • Developers of this game are a joke
  • The devs are only do some stitches here and there, they are lost in this poorly implemented feature.

Thank you @mhalttu, @EmpiresPuzzles, @KiraSG @Petri, @Sara and @Rook for reinforcing Forum Rules - Please Readunfortunately, he is not the only one!

The polarities of energy in people

Sometimes I really wonder how someone deals with so much negativative energy and still allows himself to be fed by the source.

“If you do not like it, stop.”

I rarely agree with that, because trying to make a contribution to change is very useful for both parties. But occasionally it seems that some people want to hurt themselves intentionally … then there is only one way;

the way out. :roll_eyes:

I love your thread! Keep it going.


If is about me, I already quit in a proportion of 90%, leave my alliance, have the game installed on a old phone, and wait to see what is about to happen in season 2. Till then my doughter come in and play casualy on my account. She have 11 so I don’t expect to make improvements on my heroes anyway. But she like to raid :slight_smile: I loved this game but like in every relationship the both sides have to give something and the E&P in this case, doesn’t seem to give so much affection like in the beginning, forced me eventualy to look for another partner :slight_smile: Still give a small chance because the game have a lot of potential, but the devs seems to ruine everything.


About you and a big bunch of other people posting here. I understand that sometimes it’s necessary to make yourself feel better, to start a discussion or to indicate the seriousness of the situation. But often I wonder if all the negative energy that people process in writing messages have no repercussions in their daily lives and state of mind.

I am happy you made that decision for yourself and to see that someone of your family is still enjoying the game. I hope Season 2 will bring you some more ‘‘affection’’. It probably will, if you read some posts about Beta testers who clearly inform us that their feedback is being listened to and implemented. But let’s keep crossing our fingers meanwhile, for all of us. :crossed_fingers:


Thank you @r4dioh3ad
Well, let’s stay positive as I’m very positive that SG is aware of all the concerns and issues in this game and they do know what it is required to be done.

Take care.


We sure live in an energetic world where everything is affecting each other based off of an energetic “signature”. Law of attraction suggests that everything is energy and will join forces with similar energies. But there are times when energy clashes.

A recent study showed that when one person in a relationship becomes stressed out, their partner’s blood pressure rises as well. Stress and anxiety can affect our energy and all of those around us.

Protecting ones energy can be challenging, especially if you don’t realize that energy is actually what is stressing you out. Sometimes we don’t even have to say anything, we just feel it. Negative energy is a soul-sucking mood killer, and it can affect us in ways we don’t even know.

Thank you @TomV93 for your input and feedback. You brought an important subject to light and it seem you really know more about. Your earlier subject on Business Model SG was a great read. You seem like a reasonable human being, if it is not much to ask, can you indulge us, may be in a separate topic, and write something about “negative energy”?

I like to read more from you.


The polarities of energy in people

“The Community Forums are meant to be a place players can share ideas, gameplay tips and guides, as well as voice frustrations with the game. Unfortunately, some players may express themselves in more negative ways.”

Well said @TheBully, …welcome to the club.



Thank you @Duaneski for the inspiration.

That’s what all comes down to at the end.
The choices we make…
They say everything about who we are…
And some of us, choose to hide…
In … Just the place for a Snark!


12 Monkeys, 1995 - Germs Scene

For a long moment the ward is silent except for BREATHING, SNORES, occasional MOANS. Then, COLE hears JEFFREY’S hoarse whisper, picking up right where he left off.

JEFFREY: You know what “crazy” is? “crazy” is “majority rules”. Take germs for example.

Although COLE is preoccupied with the SPIDER struggling to get out of his fist, he can’t help reacting to the word, “germs”!

COLE: Germs?!

JEFFREY: In the 18th century there was no such thing! Nobody’d ever imagined such a thing – no sane person anyway. Along comes this doctor…Semmelweiss, I think. He tries to convince people… other doctors mostly…that there are these teeny tiny invisible “bad things” called germs that get into your body and make you…sick! He’s trying to get doctors to wash their hands. What is this guy…crazy? Teeny tiny invisible whaddayou call 'em?..“germs”!

As JEFFREY warms to his subject, getting excited, COLE tries to figure out where to put the SPIDER.

JEFFREY (cont.): So cut to the 20th century! Last week in fact, right before I got dragged into this hellhole. I order a burger in this fast food joint. The waiter drops it on the floor. He picks it up, wipes it off, hands it to me…like it was all okay.

No alternative. COLE pops the SPIDER in his mouth and swallows it as JEFFREY prattles on…

JEFFREY: “What about the germs?” I say. He goes, “I don’t believe in germs. Germs are just a plot they made up so they can sell you disinfectants and soap!” Now, he’s crazy, right? Hey, you believe in germs, don’t you?

COLE: I’m not crazy.



How I wished if mirrors take more time and think before they reflect the image!
Thank you.



The story is so hilarious, @Zero2Hero, that every time I read it I crack up!
Thank you for this masterpiece.



Of course, we’re dealing with a microcosm of society within this game world.

So… y’know. It’s often fun to poke people in the eye while simultaneously laughing at yourself.



Thank you for mentioning me, dear :blush:

There will be no reason to miss me, though.
I have not quit the game.
Instead, I have retired.
I now play comfortably in a nice retirement home. And having a ball. The way a game should be :hugs:

see here:
Strange Titan Agressiveness

Oh, and I am not the only high TP player who has left the rat race. Not quit the game, but left the rat race. And I am firmly convinced that more will follow. :blush:

Rats, you see, are intelligent animals. And they do notice when someone is having them on. :grin:

In addition, if a rat can no longer find food in one place, or has to expend more energy to get the food than it gains from eating it, the rat moves on, to a different place, where food is plentiful, and for less effort. A rat would never starve to death voluntarily, just to stay in a “prestigious” place.

I keep pet rats.
Rats are intelligent.
And I, for one, have learned from them :grin:


Nice to see that you are still here, @AnjaValkyrie, posting and sharing your ideas, game-play tips and guides, and voicing your frustrations with the game, as well. I thought you are gone for good after this post you made here. Are we heading to Pay2Win? Plus, other concerns

I visited the post you referred me to, but really … didn’t find anything for me to comment on… it is also long and I have no idea what TP stands for.

Anyhow, I’m happy that you are still with us.

Take care

P.S … um,…I’m also impressed by your wide knowledge about “rats”.



Thank you, dear. :blush:

Naaww, I have not left the game. Why should I? And let all my nice heroes go to waste? Naaawww…

I have retired from the rat race, and I am doing precisely what I said I am doing, in the very posting that you are referring to:

I am now pottering around comfortably in a smaller alliance. And: I am getting my life back. YEAH!

About the rats:
well, I have been keeping pet rats since late 2002. And, when I started keeping these nice, intelligent, loving animals, I read up on them and joined a forum, to learn more about these critters. It is amazing how much you can learn in a short time, about a subject that interests you :blush:

Same as for this forum here. I have learned a lot. And I am grateful.

TP stands for Team Power.
The team power of your defense team, mainly. Because this is the team that other players see.

Mine is 4100+.
Plus a full bench of fully ascended 4* and 5* heroes.

And if the game suddenly starts telling me, in no uncertain terms, “That still ain’t good enough, babe”, then my reply consists of exactly two words. Word 1 starts with an “F”, and word 2 starts with a “Y”