Just the best day ever!

Just thought I would share if for no other reason something positive about the game. I have been playing for about eight months and have had my share of bad luck but I have hung in there and tried to remain optimistic🤪 for me it was the best day ever because I received four non farmable ascension mats. On back-to-back monster chest (not elemental ones) I received one mysterious tonic, Then one trap tool. And then I completed Morlovia for another trap tool, and finally a royal tabard. That my friends is about as good as it gets for this silver haired hero. Very nice to share something very pleasant !


Please, this is NOT a complaint thread. There are plenty of threads for complaints…
and I have three purples waiting for tabbards, so…


That sounds like a complaint :wink: in the same breath you said don’t complain.

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nope, just saying that I am glad of another opportunity to get tabbards.:wink:

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When it rains it pours!


I actually snagged a tonic yesterday on a regular 7* Titan. About fell out of my chair :grin:

I agree - glad to have another tabard. My poor Sartana has been passed over twice for tabards and she’s getting rather irate. She’s (supposedly) next in line and I need 4 more tabards after this Morlovia. She’ll get ascended one day!

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And I’ve gotten not one, but TWO Damascus blades in the last 24 hours. Yay!


Over the past two days I have received two gloves, one orb, one shield, and one gold troop token that yielded a green 4* troop. At the moment, I am happy.


I’m so jealous! I desperately need Damascus blades or I’m going to have to choose between Misandra and Drake…

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