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Just a suggestion: Why is the percentage of getting the HOTM so small … There are people who have many of them, and there, like me, I only have two heroes in two years ago !!! Why don’t you do a monthly competition, and every player has to complete all the tasks throughout the month, and at the end of every month whoever completes all the tasks can get the hero for free and this benefit all the players … Just a suggestion and you have to change your policy a little bit to attract more players and thank you… I am so sorry , my English so horrible

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Basically, to make money.


I dont have money to spend it and unemployed … but if they have a person or people who are good at marketing, they will make double profits …

The game is made so F2P players keep on trying to get heroes by one of the many free options there are. At the same time, P2P players get more chances (not better) through some investment.

There’s a very thin line between supplying enough chances to the players and being too greedy. Many players feel that SG is closer to the greedy side, and maybe they’re right and SG should give us better chances to get HotM or some special heroes. But there are 3 problems with that:

  • If everyone get all the heroes, there will be no exclusivity, all teams will be the same, and the game will become boring (Telluria is already a problem, for instance).
  • You’ll have too many heroes and no AM. The complain because of that would be huge.
  • SG will earn less money from the game, eventually upgrading less and closing it.
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To sum it up…greed.

I’d call it business.
But however they try to keep it interesting for non spenders, cheap players and whales. In the long run even non spenders will be able to compete. They just need a little bit more patience.