Just started help lvl 10

So much information and I would l would love a little advice. What am I doing and how to get better

Can’t see your screen shot

Welcome to the game and Forum! You might want to check out the Master Links list as a starting place:

Master List of E&P Links

Look for the beginners section, but all of it should be useful. :slight_smile:


Here is a collection of links that can be really helpful for new players


Also, I’d recommend joining a teaching alliance. That way your alliance leadership can give you more one on one help.

If you’re interested, MB Foundation is my teaching alliance. Check us out. There are also lots of others in the thread headed Teaching Alliances

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@Raebae1965, it looks like you’ve got a really solid start on a great roster here, but you will need to build in appropriately to avoid getting stuck later. I really enjoy helping folks at this point in the game to try and keep them from making mistakes that will haunt them later. If you had specific questions, I’ll try to answer them, or if you could just post the rest of your roster - this only shows 15 of your 25 heroes - I can give you some general advice.


Hi … you have some good heroes in your teams. You need to be building up six teams if you want to join in the wars. As a beginner I would say start with your 3* and 4* heroes to level them up. Start with a rainbow team (one of each colour). Read the player guides on the forum, there are lots of good links. Don’t worry too much about rushing through the map, this is a game of patience. I would recommend you join an alliance to learn and grow using the knowledge of others. My alliance has 3 places available and it’s open rather than invite only. Look up Holy Wolves in your alliance tab. Use all your flags because you get more rewards from the prize chests. Don’t worry about cups/trophies from the raids it normal to go up and down overnight by 200-300. When levelling up use 2* heroes for 4* and 1* heroes for 3*. Use same colour heroes when levelling up to increase the chance of raising the hero special skill. Until you learn more don’t feed away any of your 3* or 4* or 5* heroes. If you want to increase your building ability then buy the VIP pack to get two builders. Your main buildings to level up are stronghold, mines, windmills and forge. Then food storage / iron storage. Good luck

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Stop! Before you ask for any advice, read the e&p wiki. It is essential in helping to understand how you the player grow everything.

Any mention if wars, titans, chests, events whatever are a distraction. You have to grow your base. This takes resources you gain farming, first.

You have a good roster of 4*s that you should bring up to 3^60. This allows you to farm at least the first 10 (been long time so could be farther) provinces, and get you started raiding.

Joining an alliance is good for learning, but, again, the wars and titans will wait for you.


Reading the now. Thank you

There will be questions. Hit me up.

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Question I have Prisa / Renfeld / Balthazar
Whom should I level 1st and who should I not have.
Thank you

This one is super easy to answer - Balthazar all the way, and it’s not even close. Prisca and Renfeld are both terrible. Level them only if you are desperate for war/class depth. Seek other options at every opportunity. Balthazar, however, is a stone cold killer for a three-star.


What he said

20 dark characters

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Balthazar first, last, and always

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And if you got a second Balthazar, he should be maxed before Prisca and Renfeld.

And a third. And a fourth (actually, from here on, even Balthazar becomes yummy food).


Lol, *3 heroes only 3 (as shown in screenshot)… and suggestion to make a rainbow *3 heroes 1st… thats not correct if you have only 3 heroes,… moreover Ranfeld and Prisca are not good.
Keep leveling hero in rainbow color.

Green: Caedmon until 3.60 stop and if you get *3 green heroes, levelup good heroes Biranne, Belith
Red: G.Falcon until 3.60 stop, then *3 heroes: Hawkmoon, Namahage.
Blue: Kiril until 3.60 stop, then *3 heroes: Valen, Gato
Yellow: G.Jackal until 3.60 stop, then *3 heroes: Bane, Melia
Purple: Balthazar

So propotional for defense team will be:
Caedmon - Falcon - Kiril - Jackal - Balthazar

until you get a better other choices…
until you get good resources to feed faster heroes,… stronghold, farm, etc…

PS: if you get new summon heroes, just type in this search forum to get the info

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Wow amazing information thank you so much

So I am working on leveling and I got a few new draws. Thought I could use a little advice
Wilbur / Gato / Isstak

I don’t have Wilbur, but he is very well-regarded on offense; not so much on defense. I like Gato, and have him maxed. His fast mana helps, and his protection from debuffs is unique for a three-star. I generally prioritize him just behind Valen in terms of blue three-stars. Isshtak is nothing special, imo. Level him only if you don’t have better options.


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