Just some questions

It’s one of the App Store marketing images:


In fact my friend @cap updated picture. I sent the gimp project (xcf file) by email and @cap wrote dates in each layer.


alright, thank you and also @cap :). what happened to the resolution tho? xD

The right guy struck a pose like Musashi

Forum/line compress pictures. Initial picture 1200x1200 pixels.

Blank version :


you’re awesome, thanks a lot :heart_eyes:

@Mariamne Perhaps you wanna replace the old one from CAP with this one in your post? Some dates were a little confusing, it jumped from 30th of october to 29th September.

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i thought from lvl50 you get some kind of gold coins instead of the silver one. but i just saw screenshots from lvl63 with silver coins, someone proof me wrong pls

Nope, silver all the way


dang, i swear i saw someone getting a ETT from lvl50. but i gotta be wrong or they changed it… there is somewhere a post which lists all the flaggs per level. there i think i saw it, but i couldnt find it

I’m level 56 and been in a couple of alliances with players lvl 50-80 and no-one ever mentioned a gold token for levelling up :man_shrugging:t3:


dang i must have been dreaming lol. thx anyways :slight_smile:

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Could it be future S3 heroes?

i doubt it. i have seen most (all?) of the s3 heros yet and i dont think they will bring out more

Not all, I don’t think they show Thor or Odin in sneak peek.

I’m wondering if they will try to tie in heroes like magni who is Thors son. Maybe others that tie in will be folded in as level bosses, make them relevant so people might still want them. Though players who can unlock s3 likely have him or more than 1 of him.

Its sad how the classic heroes are mostly just here with no story like s2. They do have the trial story I guess…lol. But the story is flimsy in s1 anyhow. You never see grey or final boss though I thought grey was thorne and the boss does appear if you aren’t logged into Google play he warns you that your heroes aren’t safe.

It took me almost 2 years and in still don’t have all classic heroes, missing 5 5* , and only 1 s2 5 plus no Wilbur still. Sad that you can’t get s2 like s1 from a tc. Or maybe bybtime you can s3 will make them as weak as s1 is to current meta. I’d still like to have them though, I think I like many are waiting for HA to get new hotm or some s2 cause having a 3rd joon or 5th kiril won’t keep people playing even if you can do the events,

I think that image is quite old, so that seems unlikely.

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