Just some correction

It should also say that it is undispellable.
And I didn’t know if I put it in “Bugs & Issues” or “Ideas & Feature Requests” because I think it should be stronger than 10%.

10% is plenty strong enough

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Since it stacks and is undispellable, I think 10% is strong enough for a battle that can last several minutes. The wording does need to indicate that it is undispellable, though.

@JonahTheBard (Oh my goodness! Did you really change your name to be a bot?? :rofl: ) @Rook This sound like a good suggestion that would help newbies understand the attack bonuses better. If you think so, can you send it up the line for consideration?

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Protocol initiated.

Now must… recharge… battery

Edit - also agree that stacking additional 10% every few turns is plenty!


Getting a very K-9/Doctor Who vibe from you now. I like it!

Thanks for the assist!

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I agree with you.

Also the +10% gets faster the fewer war defense heroes.

If Alberich or Mother North are the last hero standing, the Attack boost quickly increases, then suddenly they can bring back all the dead heroes who now attack with the higher Attack Boost.

Theoretically Guardian Owl 5* 4.80 with his heal, defense buff and attack buff would synergistically work with faster Attack Boost from last hero on a defense team causing him to eventually become an offensive god if not killed. Although the the other two War Rules are not as helpful to Guardian Owl.


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