Just saying: boards are VERY smart


This constantly happens to me and my whole alliance says the same + already saw this on videos.

I am not complaining or asking u to change it.

I am just saying that we can notice the dirty “rng” that you do somethimes (a lot of times).

The weak color of the titans being missing completely from the board :slight_smile: that’s dirty and unfair.


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RNG happens. But its not unfair, as far as anyone has proven. See Color Stacking Fairness Project


We know, we know. Still not cool

I will be the off topic guy here: by placing Khiona on the corner she would have lowered performances.

Ps. Yes, RNG is unfair but a match-3 game can’t work in other ways.

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Yes, 9 of 10 boards seem to be against the stacked color. One has to be lucky when heavy stacked, but I think, that’s only a feeling due to all the useless colors. With a rainbow one doesn’t depend as strong on one or two colors and takes less care on those.

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I have build that team only to screenshot it since I dont use khiona yet on titans bc of her current level

As I imagined, and just like the other 2 attacks, the board was out of purple tiles, sadly

Yep,yep, yep. But when that keeps happening and trashes your 3 titan flags more than once in a week for like 20 players it gets a little strange for something that should’ve be random…

See my response in Suspicious tile colour replacements. Although we have firmly established that opening boards are random, we cannot yet say that replacement tiles are random. Please consider helping with a database on this issue.


Thanks! I hate to complain since it makes me feel like I don’t know how to handle a lose, but that’s more than coincidence. It’s almost obviously manipulation. I will add my words there. I love the game but everything has a limit

Many things that appear “obvious” are not so. The earth is not flat. The sun does not move around the earth. This is why we apply scientific study to,questions rather than leaping to conclusions from “obvious” observations.


Would be nice, if every board will start with 5 tiles of each color at random placement. It’s very hard to get a board with only two tiles of the stacked color, especially when raiding much stronger teams.

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