Just pulled The Gobbler

Any info. on the Gobbler, Atlantis Summon?

If you are asking for information on the Gobbler, look here.

You’re likely asking whether he’s worth investing materials to develop, etc. I’ll answer by saying he’s pretty squishy. I like the minion eating special, but he has to survive a couple of enemy specials to spawn minions for that to be useful. Anchor gives him a C.


Gobbler is the only Season 1 or Season 2 4 star I do not have maxed in 3 years (and I’ve pulled at least 20 of them). Take that however you see fit.

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They are being quite diplomatic, unless you are only playing with 4 stars, he is hot junk.

That being said in a four star very fast tournament he has a place. A very small place, but a place nonetheless


He’s a very niche hero. I maxed him and don’t regret it, because I have no duplicate Greens maxed, and I have none in my queue waiting to be worked on.

I use him in something like every other war, as there seems to be at least one team that is a minion summoning team, he’s good there, and in some 4* tourneys.

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Early on when I had only him and Skittles for green 4*, I took him to 3-60 and used him on Offense at times.

He was displaced from that use as soon as I got other green 4*, as he typically would die before firing.

At this point, I’ve maxed him — he was one of the very last 4* I took from 3-60 to max when I maxed all of them just for the sake of completion.

I currently use him for farming.

Barring a substantial rebalancing, that’s the most use he’ll ever get for me at this point.


I once tackled him at War as a Tank with +20 emblems. It was real fun.
I assume if you put him as tank at wars - you can make a couple of other people quite happy :wink:


That is a great deal of boredom and excess ascension materials.

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Welcome to late game, when 3* mats become overly abundant.


Gobbler was my 1st atlantis 4*. I know from the beginning that he is just bad, but i maxed him anyway because i didn’t have other project to do. Its a shame because i ended giving him emblems (green was my least powerful color at that time)

Now I still use him ocassionally at war, when i need to bring mono green, but its because my other 4* green are just little john and skittleskull. Soon he will be left on the bench and probably stripped of his emblems

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Gobbler could be somewhat useful as offence hero if there were more 4* minion spawners. Sadly, still most minion heroes are non-trainable legendaries. If you face them, the opposite team is usually strong enough to beat Gobbler to a pulp before he can do much (assuming he has no emblems and hardly anyone here would disagree that there are numerous better options for the emblems :wink:)

As defence hero he is, obviously, completely useless.

Nevertheless, like @zephyr1 I use him for farming S1 (specifically 9-1) as he’s my second-best green autofarm option.


Dear god +20 why??? I weep for those druid emblems

I seriously doubt that would make your alliance members happy though.

In my case he came late (I had 2 Hansels, Gadeirus and host of other green 4* by the time he showed up) so he is sitting at 1/1 until forever probably. He has his niche but there are not many 4* summoners (yet, at least) and 5* would reduce him to atoms before he could fire. Even S3 4* don’t look like they will introduce new 4* summoners and shift meta to them. I always keep 1 copy of each hero, and that is probably sole reason why he is still in my roster.

I have one at+12. The only reason why is because my other druid is Cad. If his defense was a bit higher, he would be great. I am almost ready to reset him and give the emblems to Cad. Or I can wait till I start to work on Kadilen or Gadeirus. I am also trying out my Lagoon team.

The rest are right that he is just too hard to keep alive before he can gobble, when he does, it is awesome!

In my opinion, the recent update nerfed him even more.

What do you think of him now after the rebalancing? @zephyr1