Just one color defese team in war

4 violet heroes with 1 yellow hero tank. Does work?

Try it and report back. Also, depends if talking raids, war, or tourney.

Works sometimes.

I just had Ursena with 4 holy surrounded on arrows. Worked well.

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You give me two possible triple stack: purple and yellow. Other 2 heroes just what sinergy better with them.

Personally i would not reccomand that.
It gives me more choices rather then less.

Tank receive only three column of tiles.
That way i can work with yellows on the other four.

What do you use the yellow? I also planing like that, but need more times fo leveling.
I have only 2 yellow *5 at the moment.
My plan: Viv - Danza/Li - Ursena - Poseidon - Li/Danza

It depends if all your alliance do the same tactic, otherwise you’ll be a target!

Next thing, it depends on the troops. Probably you have only one or two high level troops for the same color. Again stacking yellows will easily kill those with low level troops.

In an hypothetical case where all alliance team members use this same tactic and have 4 high level troops, yes it would work.

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Basicly any mono team with couple of good snipers would kill them, just shoot the monkeys, ofcourse if fieed is ok +/-

Was killed one time and attacked 7 times. Never underestimate defensive heroes…

Was an option. We decided to bring only holy and dark and it worked.

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