Just one black person Avatar

Kelile, which by the way has a lot of Caucasian features, is the only black person avatar available. Come on guys! With all the money we provide you, you could do better than that!

Joon Bane and Delila are available as avatars and are not white, well that’s the impression i was under


Blue and green are definitely over represented!

Joon and Delilah yes…but Bane ? Really? Hehe

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3* Kailani, 5* Miki, 2* Jenneh, 3* Bane, 4* Kelile, 3* Azar. These are my black guys.


What about Leonidas?

Azar and Shaarkot are also not Caucasian. SG has recently placed more emphasis on creating heroes of other races.


Think he should be Greek, but that’s more guessing from the name and special skill, if you just have the picture, nobody would believe…

Kingston will be black, unfortunately posting images from beta is forbidden

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But they are not available for selecting as avatar. The whole African continent is stuck with choosing 1 avatar for female and 1 for male. I think one challenge should have a choose an avatar from the characters prize so we can pick other black characters.


There are only two black / African avatars to choose as profile pictures (1 female and 1 male) the only option I have is to choose an animal -which I am not inclined to do. Even avatars you win from challenges are white or non-human. Please have a challenge where we can win a character as an avatar -if adding a few more African faces to the default list is hard.:upside_down_face:


@Xapa I moved your post to this thread to keep like ideas together. Good look with this one - more diversity is a good thing (and I feel the game has done a good job with it, although maybe less so with the avatars as you point out).


There appears to be no Asian female avatar at all. Perhaps after adding more African-American choices, this might be addressed. :slight_smile:


I’m all for diversity, so by all means bring on more diverse avatars of all kinds. That said, I’ve never understood why this induces such distress in people. Personally, as a proud Humanoid Rat, there is only one option for an avatar for someone like me supposing that I were to insist on not allowing any other race or species to be my in-game picture that does not affect my gameplay in any way. At first this really stuck in my craw, but I then noticed that these silly game designers have zombies as avatar options and came to realize that the potential exists that this may be a fantasy genre game that isn’t meant to be precisely representative of reality. The possibility exists that this wasn’t intended by designers as a slight against verminkind, but was possibly just happenstance that will inevitably self-remedy as more avatars continue to be sold.

Li Xiu


This should go in the ridiculous complaints thread.

Your worried about pictures on a screen. I am sure there are more important things to worry about in life…

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The post as i see fit is a valid one. Its one of the quality of life improvements for the game.


She’s visibly not Asian, which was my point. (Lest I give the wrong impression, let me clarify that I’m happy with all the avatars, and I don’t mind new ones, but I do keep in mind that E&P is a pretty diverse place for a fantasy world helmed by a European company.) :+1::wink:


I was looking for info on whether we had ever seen a Kingston avatar and I came across this thread.

One thing I will point out is that representation is important. It might not be for everyone, especially if you are not a marginalized person in your country. However, for people who generally don’t feel represented, those ‘pixels on a screen’ actually have symbolic meaning, and the lack of representation is equally as symbolic.


The PC community makes it hard to design characters that are “visibly Asian” or “visibly black” when they find out that the creator is a Scandinavian, white male, “who can’t relate to the character,” which is always the primary complaint.

Personally, I just go with the Emperor Moth avatar and say the heck with the rest.


I agree, why not have more ethnicities? Also, I really would love Scarlett as an avatar.

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