Just my thoughts (make more loot chance from some resources)

Hi everybody, first of all I want to say that I love this game asolut and the best thing that ever happened to me. I had many games but kicked them. This one is the first I’m going to stick with, until I’m grey and old and spending money :joy::joy::joy:
I have already invested enough money. And I do not regret it. But I’m slowly losing the joy of it. I read all the comments in the Play Store and even here in the Community. Took a while tho!!! And I wonder if you are reading people’s comments at all? The loot, especially after wars and titans is absolutely crappy. Sometimes also at raids and events. Loot is too little and stupid. Then the construction of buildings takes an exaggerated time! I realize that this game is designed for the long term, but still takes too much time anyway. It would be nice if you respond to your paying “customers” instead of just doing your thing. Many, even if they find the costume party stupid, tolerate it. As I said it would be nice if you improve the loot a lot. And the worst thing is, it costs too much food to search for raiders. You should reduce all this a little bit more, and so many more people would put their hands on it and many more people would buy VIP or other items. And it’s very poor that the golden epic summon coins are almost never in loots or in the little chests. Thanks for reading and taking your time even tho nothing will change… Best regards in hope it will. And I guess there are many people like me. Just my thoughts. Had to vent a bit.

Welcome to the frustrating empire, still a fun way to kill time.
Never expect anything in order to be surprised at time.
I got the HOTM out of 1 coin, didn’t even know who he was, lol.:grin:


Lol yes you are right.

Yup every time I think to myself oh well I’m going to pull crap anyway…But then I can’t believe my eyes seeing a wished for Hero.
Sometimes it’s great and Sometimes it’s frustrating. You are right. But the building time is still too long for many things.

Remember you only have to build em once and after a while you will actually looked forward to long building times cause you have so much other stuff to stock up on you need the hours to replenish your stock lol.

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@DoctorStrange lol actually you are right! But sometimes when everything is done, I wish to build and finish quicker. Soon I’ll start working full time. Then I guess it won’t matter. But Loot was poor lately.

I used to get upset about the loot then I realized that it was because I was pushing myself to push milestones faster. Being naturally competitive is a downfall of a lot of players because they push at the wrong goals early on instead of focusing on a core setting. You will see that the loot comes in spurts and it evens out at the end of the day. Scouts honor :slight_smile:

There we go! :joy::joy::joy: Yes that’s it. And looks like I’m not alone wanting it all faster…

So, the Idea is make more loot chance from any/some resources? I want to edit the topic tittle to make it more clear and also anyone can Vote this great idea. Although maybe this idea were already there, merge is better because the Vote count has bigger chance to mention the staff. Btw, my vote is limited forever until any of my topics idea vote are archived or deleted.

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@jinbatsu okay and thanks for thinking it’s a great idea. Yes Loot chance should be bigger. Help is appreciated. Don’t know what I’m doing :grinning: needed to vent. But would love to make it possible to be heard.

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@jinbatsu I voted first :joy: and thank you!!

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Loot is very hit or miss. Sometimes you have nothing but really crappy loot, other times you hit pay dirt. For example in the last 2 days I got rings from a raid chest and then darts from a monster chest.


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