Just like to now how you measure the heroes, and can i do it myself even without having them?

@Kerridoc often says Heroe A is better than Heroe B by maths.
@Anchor has even made (not just on his own as i understand but i can be wrong) a table that’s ranking the stars…

I’d like to know (please in understandable English and not some extended Algebra) how you rank the stars. So MAYBE, just MAYBE i could do that on my own.

I don’t know if others find it interesting, but i’d like to know and if it’s not difficult i and maybe others might cooperate? :smiley:

People generally rank heroes by the quality of their special skill, not by analyzing their exact stats. All heroes of the same rarity have similar total stats (attack + defense + health / 2), so you can easily tell how tanky a hero is by looking at their attack stat. Heroes with a high attack stat will necessarily have lower survivability, while low attack heroes will have more.

More attack > more defence/health
Fast mana > average > Slow
Defence reducer > Attack reducer
Attack buff ~ Mana buff
Splash damage > Single target (but only with status involved)
All that can stuck togheter to do more damage = thebest
Any skill > no skills

Feel free to add something else, i’m tired =c=

Couple more:

Immediate heal > heal over time
AoE debuff, even if lower % > specific hero debuff (though this one is really debatable)

While the above works as a general guideline, most folks rank heroes based on their own experience with them, whether owning them or fighting against them.

It’s obviously not a perfect system and much depends on personal preference and team synergy, as well as what you’re using a hero for—raid attacking or defense, tanking or flanking, events, quests, et al. Our experience in raids probably carries the most weight, as its the central ranking system in the game.

To that effect, since most of us (who don’t have unlimited pockets) don’t own every hero, our rankings are based centrally on who we find to be the biggest pains in the ■■■ when raiding.

Beta testers have a decent enough handle on how newer heroes play and are typically more experienced with older heroes as well, but even they (we) aren’t wholly reliable.

I’m sure none of this is all that helpful, but it’s worth recognizing that these rankings, while fun and helpful in terms of establishing countervailing opinion, are incredibly subjective and not necessarily the result of critical or definitive research.

I’d also stress that you never use one hero, but five. You need to think how a hero interacts with others you have.

For example, Musashi’s and Leonides’ self-heal is generally not so great, but if you’re using one with Ares or Guinevere (who only heal nearby) it is great to have a hero can can add to his own health.

Another example: defense debuff is great, but if you already have that covered, attack debuff is a nice complimentary skill.

I do look at numbers, but it’s important to remember that we haven’t cracked the damage formula. Numbers are just a starting point.


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