Just letting everyone know

Just letting everyone know I Spent thousands of euro on one of my accounts that got deleted by mistake I have my empires and puzzles ID. account name ect…
But for some reason they said the can’t restore it they should be able to move the account to my new Google play games account I have set up… what a waste of money I was at level 60 such a shame

So, you deleted an account by mistake. They? I presume is SG, can’t fix it, so now you’re posting on the forum? :dizzy_face:

Perhaps someone else has had better success at getting their Google play account reinstated? Idk.


What do you want us to do? You screwed up, own your mistake.

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I was suggested by a friend to post this here thinking somebody would be able to help not give abuse thanks
Since I was able to update the game before it got lost and have the ID account thought they’d at least be able to transfer the game to a new Google play games account


You didn’t post a topic asking for help, you posted a topic complaining. You get responses in line with how you frame a topic.

I have never seen a topic where everyone doesn’t do their best to help out the OP where that OP genuinely asks for help


So sorry to hear this. @KiraSG can you help? Sounds like normal channels of customer support Have been 100% trash.

If they don’t help you, I would 100% contact google support. Just keep asking for the manager of the manager.


I had a major phone malfunction. And was able to transfer my account.
But… I only have 1 account. I never have understood the multiple account thing. Sounds hectic and time consuming.

I wonder if the accounts was your actual issue?

Once I got Game Center all squared away the transfer was fairly seemless

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