Just imagine a perfect world:

Just imagine what could have been:

more diversity in hero usuage and less poercreep

Costumes just being cosmetics (without bonus and changes to the hero):
what a fun way to customize our roster! No messed up tournament/war defenses because of the messed up costume management

Stronghold level 21-25 actually being an upgrade:
Expand the kingdom → new space for buildings!

Hero academy being a solution for dupes:
Just imagine a shop to trade duplicate heroes for points. With these buy older heroes you still disire

Atlantis getting closed:
Season 2 heroes added to the classic pool

Limit breaker just actually cool:
New great way to advance old heroes! Small boost in stats & and a buff of the special. No complete changes like costumes but an additional effekt. For example Quintus now reduces defense against dark so such.
Available only for OLD heroes and unlocked via an ingame challenge. No new portal.

Ninja Tower:
Permanently available. No ranking reward but a permanent leaderboard. Endless levels getting harder and harder to show how strong you are. No reseting or Onycurses.

Mystic titan:
Pov like reward based on damage done in total by all players/ the alliance.


The ninja tower is not liked by many and is considered the most protracted event. And therefore, many players ignore this event. Making it harder so that more players ignore it?

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I raise the stake:

All the heroes with the same rarity with a setted amount of hero power and free customizable stats.

Special portals actually giving just the said portal’s heroes, be it seasonal, events, or story mode, always available from their maps/tabs.

Who cares if you would get only 1.5% Krampus/Mother North/Santa Claus, 5.7% Buddy/Carol and the rest Frosty/Rudolph on Santa’s Challenge for example.

Permanently enhanced loot across the board and S2/3/4 provinces getting a third difficulty wich would award coins, getting resetted in a monthly rotation.


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TOL actually meant something with a rotation of 10 secret heroes every 2-3 months. Nobody knows who these heroes are, even the mods to hype up the excitement. It would just be announced on the forum that a new secret hero is coming up. And the secret heroes are all OP and worthy of the 0.1% pull rate. Hotm pull rates are 5%.

Costumes having totally different effects and colour of their original. I thought of a somewhat interesting idea to incorporate costumes, and worth the paywall. and it creates a natural way for S1 to ‘keep up’ with the meta. But that’s just me. To be honest so much potential for costumes, just wasted execution, squandered away by the decisions to earn money

Cut timed events completely, except for the standard events. they only serve as a reminder that you need to have the best to win it all. And in this case, the best means to spend and spend on this game

Trade worthless stuff immediately into something more valuable (like gems). This is not the alchemy lab. I don’t care whether I need to trade 10000 common herbs into 1 gem, it’s still 1 gem and you can at least do something for useless crafting materials you would never touch

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20 laughs


In a perfect world, leveling your heroes to max would not be based on RNG giving you “ascension materials”. There’s nothing more deflating than pulling a great hero, which is already hard enough, but then realizing you’re X months away from being able to even max them. What a joke.

I would actually like everyone being nice to one another. Don’t know why you included that one as something that would be boring and make people desperate. In my mind some more common decency would be good.


Yes imagine a perfect world where…

  • there are no calls for buffs
  • no calls for nerfs
  • no cries about rigged boards
  • no cries about how greedy sgg is
  • no complaints about power creep
  • no complaints about unfair pulling odds are
  • no threats of quitting due to any of the above and/or limit breaks

And instead we have

  • strategies on how to play or beat heroes
  • constructive discussions about hero merits
  • constructive discussions on ideas to improve the game
  • strategies and knowledge sharing on new and old events

Hmm… time to wake up i guess


Yes. But as a permanent do once challenge yourself thing. It does not reset and therefore is much less of a chore. But if you have a moment of time you can tackle the next level and have something non-trival always available to play.

Eh, I don’t mind. If people want to quit and/or re-evaluate their game participation publicly (and angrily), be my guest. Does not affect my own gaming experience.

And imagine a world, where these strategy discussions go beyond “oh, you want to beat X hero? Just bring heroes B C and D, never mind that all of them are rather rare heroes with less than 1% chance of being pulled in their respective portals. Oh, and make sure hero B has at least a level 17 mana troop and node 8 activated so they charge in 9 tiles…”

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So true and on point !!

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If non-S1 costume is entirely scrapped, that will be an ideal world for me. Not perfect but ideal.

Nothing revolving around money will ever be perfect. Large amounts of money always corrupt those around them. Always. If the game was free from day one, with a modic subscription fee, like five dollars a month or so, things would have been compleately different… maybe even perfect…

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