Just how bad is Elkanen?

By the time elk fires his special those 3 are already damaged, tiles, gm and eve. Only red tank teams not flanked with blue can survive.

By that logic Kadilen kills the entire enemy team! Much better to for sure be able to nuke one than maybe be able to kill up to three if circumstances work out just right

It’s even more than that, because GM Eve Elk isnt enough to get the flanks killed. That’d be like 800 damage to each of them

Turns out he still sucks lol

Heard good things with pvp when paired with evelyn but still not event worthy. Tile damage just isn’t there for elk

I’m going to wait until after I do my Atlantis pulls and see if RNGesus is kind to me and gifts me something incredible like a Tarlak or Zeline or something, but between Kadilen and Elkanen (the two I have), I’ll probably go for Elk personally still.

Maybe I’ll be hit with the ascension curse and pull Lianna after I ascend him. Here’s hoping! :wink::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I soon have Elk maxed now and he’s still not in any way brilliant for PvP, but can come in handy for PvE. Good survivability. Now if only he could hit three instead of doing that pathetic splash…

Between Elk and Kadilen, I probably would’ve gone with the the latter. Quite useful second if nothing else.

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how about now? :smiley:


Looks good :slight_smile: What’s his typical healing rate against maxed 5* in raids?

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  • Elkanen is so dumb.
  • How dumb is he???
  • Elkanen is so dumb, when he went to the movies and saw the “under 17 not permitted” sign, he left to get 16 Aifes to go with him.

No idea, don’t use him in raids, have strong mono blue, red and dark teams, but in defence he’s great.

Considering how hard it is for some people to acquire a 5 * hero, any fast 5 * hitter should be decent enough. Anzogh’s review was bad but I went ahead and bring him to 4 tier because he is my only red and now he even unseat Boldtusk which is a better option to Anzogh, at least, that was from others opinion in Anzogh’s thread.
Elkanen has had a high survivability and decent self healing. Emblem is there for a reason.

Even with those emblems he’s still only going to be hitting for like 425 on target. Most likely ~800 total if he hits 3. Heals self for 300. All they have to do is increase the heal rate to himself significantly, OR increase the damage to target to around 380%, OR drop the base damage slightly but make it hit 3 instead of splash, OR extend the healing to nearby teammates and he would be pretty solid. Hopefully we see this in the hero academy coming up later this year.

Using razor’s hard data whose data set includes the past month as of yesterday from this post date, more defenses in the top 100 raid leaderboard use Elkanen than Kadilen.

I’ve posted a pic with the four vanilla green 5* and Alberich for comparison. Sadly, I couldn’t include Aife in the lineup because she’s not in the utility. This needs to be fixed, @Razor! How could you forget Aife???!!!

So for what it’s worth, it seems Elkanen is getting more usage post buff than Kadilen. Though this only covers top 100 leaderboard defense teams, but just using razor’s data to back up my own argument. The best use for data of course: cherry picking! :wink:


Elk could be better if you had Eve in team , he would be good offense in Raid/AW ( Eve + Elk + Buddy )

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This new collection method is going to be an jaw dropper as it will reach a pool of 5,000 or more heroes from period to period. I have actually assembled a complimentary team with Elkanen on it for Offensive Raiding where Zeline fires first or Zim and Zeline fire first or Zime and Zeline then Boldtusk Fires first… and BAMMO… Elk hurts. Hes the best he has been and the 1st TIME that I have been able to use since 1st appearance and my first leveled 5* Nature. He also sits on one of my dedicated WAR teams. Kadilen is great too actually if positioned well she can mess you up. I have a friend that has classed Horghall and put him on their D… and does great. The longer you play the more you get to understand team symmetry counts most not individual capabilities (however without that understanding a guide helps)… Above is clear Lianna/Alby - they have been back and forth for ever battling to get to top 5… Alby has been a bit more steady there (even though slow his special has great application - Lianna doesn’t even have one but one of the best hitters currently). Then Elk, Kaid, Horg. Yet all have a use! You just hope for Lianna or Alby for more uses! Peace RAZ


@MD-DC LOL, ha ha I cherry picked your post because your mention of Aife was completely overlooked, literally didn’t even see the comment till got led back to this thread LOL! I’d love to include them all honestly, maybe one day, just where I was at and what jump started me into the whole data collection/reporting process I was already into Legend phase 1… so stepping back into Rares was a reach but felt was best lol. Oh and Elk got 1st classed yesterday… Elkmister use it well man. Aife, I will forget about them again when I click [Reply] take her easy - funny man lol.

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I have talented my Elkanen because it is useful for my strategic wars (facing weaker opponents) and never think to do that otherwise.

Now he is 6 on talent tree, and just for fun i placed him as tank with a cup-dropping assets (only 2 colors, only 2 talented) to see what happens.

After 1 week i’m quite amazed. He is about to keep me in the 2600 range, better then Hel or Athena with more balanced teams.

The funny fact is that a lot more people raiding me.
It seems that almost no one is scared of him (lmao) but despite that there’s a lot of winning defences in my watchtower.

So if you pair him with some glass-cannon hitter, Elkanen tank is quite something.
That’s almost hilarious for me.


Alot of folks forget about that +20% attack on defense and the added mana defense gets. They all come here for advice on him and its mostly all negative so folks blindly throw tiles into him thinking he don’t hit hard and the time they can fire off a special on him he has killed at least one hero and weakened the rest.

Sometimes the advice on these boards is good, but more times then not, more people have nfi ■■■ they are doing in this game and give garbage advice. Just what i have observed in the last 2 years.


When you say “added mana” you mean the little bit added at the end of the turn, right? My understanding is that mana gain is slower on defense overall currently even with end of turn gains

i agree evaluating hero is completely different form defense and offense perspective.

i respect elk on defense, he can hit quite hard and often and that self heal is annoying. he is nicely balanced imo. on offense he is missing that little extra buff to make him worthwhile. after a long hard think, i decided to level margaret instead of elk and simply invest druid emblems into caedmon to keep him competitive. ignoring the splash damage, caedmon will do more damage on single target that elk in the end. (those 5* have ridiculous emblem cost)

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