Just how bad is Elkanen?

I realize that he is bad, but I really want to get a firmer grasp and just HOW BAD he is. What kind of damage should I expect to see from a 4/80 Elkanen special on the target? RNGeesus has been particularly unkind to me and in my year of countless pulls and 2-4 TC20 running at all times I’ve managed to obtain one Joon, 4 Elena, Khagan, Azlar, and Leo. I recently got my 11th tonic, and am in the process of trying to rationalize wasting the mats to ascend him since I’ll have the mats for another ascension at some point relatively soon if I were to pull another green. The current plan is to wait until after this month’s Atlantis pulls flop, until all of my decent 4* green are leveled, and if he’s still my only option just bite the bullet. What am I getting myself into?


My current plan, should it come to this desperate state, is to run him at tank due to his stats/attack speed/moderate heal, but if his damage doesn’t improve much compared to current 3/70 Elkanen i fear that he doesn’t hit hard enough to punish and he will just be a juicy target for enemies to drop tiles on and build their own better specials.


He is so bad that if he was an umbrella in a day of rain you would be all wet!!!


I waited my 24th tonic, 18months of no other good green, and Saturn aligned to the moon for ascending him. And i’m still not really sure of it.

That’s how much is bad.


I also have elkanen. I’ve dealt with him in raids. Most people do use him as a tank for his high defense. I am leveling him on 4 tier now going up to 80. Only reason is same as you. I’ve had him for over a year with no other greens. As for how bad he is honestly alone he sucks! Bit in raids as a tank with good snipers flanking him, he is a major pain in the a$$ to take down. I’ve lost a few times to teams with due to his high defense . I couldn’t take him down. But he is with not so great snipers he’s not very good. Elk is a support hero I find. Solid tank and at 4/80 he’s worth it to me. Below 4/80 I went use him. That’s why I’m leveling him now. With fast mana and high defense, he should annoying for offensive raiders. You’ll have to try him out. Under 4/80 you’ll see he’s not very fun to play with. At max well that’s a different story. Good luck with Elk.


I don’t understand you guys. He’s not bad at all. His alignment is clearly Chaotic Neutral.


Yes I agree with @FullMetal2. He is not the worst by far but its a matter of fact if he is worth the mats.

He has decent survivability in quests and raids as a tank. Quite alright as a tank in defensive raids as he buys time for the rest of the team. He aint gonna do much damage to the opposing team but he is quite frustrating to take down if the boards go south.


I’m curious as to if evelyn makes elkanen and kadilen anymore useful/valuable?

Without evelyn he’s crap. Even as a tank. He’s one of the more useless 5s in the game. If his mana wasn’t fast, he’d be tied with thorne for most useless 5*

Best way i can think of to improve him:

Set his heal to an exact number instead of a percentage

Then increase the damage of his attack

Other perk that would make him more appealing is if that instant heal was applied to nearbay allies as well, hit 3 heal 3. Which is the route they should have gone with aegir using an attack similar to thorne, then thrown in normal defense buff to caster and nearby. But they blew that chance.


Have him maxed for a long time. He hits pretty weak but I use him a lot in every aspect of the game. He definitely is better than no 5*.

Christmas Event was so kind and provided Evelyn and Buddy. Since I got those two I start enjoying Elkanen A LOT. Hit 3 and fast speed is wonderfull combo with Eve and Buddy. Elkanen Damage climbs from 200/400/200 up to 400/800/400. they are a wonderfull deadly trio.

I would ascend him. As a f2p or c2p play with what you have and not with what could come (or will never come🤷‍♂️)


I never actually thought in that until I saw your post… Before Evelyn he was not so good but doubling is damage with her is something we have to consider since that’s gonna be a lot of damage… I can see now a team with Evelyn - Grave - Elkanen being a difficult team!!!


Dont forget:

Increases his heals as well

He’s already got tanky stats, throw solid self heal and attack on top of that. I’m sure evelyn + elk combos will be used quite a bit pretty soon


Hmm could I weigh in here with my uneducated opinion

I don’t have him but I think he’s ok in flank if paired with red tank. I would be ok with ascending him but yeah only if I didn’t have a choice

His defence is nothing to be sniffed at but perhaps everyone thinks he is fodder because the market is saturated with Gravy

Of course you cannot compare him to LIANNA’S One Hit Kill special but as a support unit paired with decent friends he is workable. Eg Evelyn as many have said or Aegir (dare I say the name)

Quintus on the other hand doesn’t get much sympathy from me

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I doubt that anyone and especially no good player would level up 3 Elkanen :joy::joy::joy:

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It’s kinda impossible to me at least to have all the mats unfortunately



You saw good players leveling up double buddies and double little johns for the same reason. Even maxed colens. In event it’s all about snagging the mats to max your better heros. Dont be surprised.


Elkanen is medium bad. Meaning nothing like notorious blues Thorne, Rumplestiltskin or Aegir. On the other was he is far from Lianna, Sartana or Magni. So, I would not ascend him to 4th tier myself even if I had 20 tonics.

Everyone could use a couple of Buddies. He’s not my favorite 4* (that would be Proteus), but boy is he nice.


I know that advice really only applies to a very select group of players. I only have 1 elk myself and couldnt max him over greg or 2nd alby. And I’ve yet to pull evelyn. Just hoping someone out there that can take advantage of this strategy reads this. Would be nice to see new faces in the top 10

Not to mention we have 4 months before next Avalon

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You are talking 4* heroes now. 3* mats come by all the time. Noone would ever spend 18 tonics on 3 Elkanen. Never ever!

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If you have the luxury of Zeline, Alby, MN, Evelyn, I 100% agree, otherwise that’s a bit harsh isn’t it :rofl::rofl:


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