Just got an hero token. Should I use it or keep it for next seasonal?

Just got an hero token. Should I use it or keep it for next seasonal?

  • Minor healing potion
  • Minor mana potion
  • Antidotes
  • Arrow attack
  • Healing potion
  • Bear banner
  • Turtle banner
  • Axe attack
  • Potent healing potion
  • Mana potion
  • Super antidotes
  • Bomb attack
  • Revive scroll
  • Dragon banner
  • Super healing potion
  • Dragon attack
  • |Super mana potion|17|1 firestone, 1 meteor fragment, 1 midnight root|82,200 food|One hero gains 100% mana|5|
  • Time stop
  • Tornado
  • Miracle scroll

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Wait till 1 November and use it. Then you’ll get Renfeld and move along.


“hater detected”


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Depends. Do you want Victor and/or the Nov HOTM? Do you want Valeria? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you might want to use your token on Nov 1st. If not, you could wait to see what they come out with for their winter even in late December.

valeria nope - got sonya
aegir and victor - 0.6 1.3 % and i dont like them so much
also… nov hotm zimkitha… i already got redhood…

thats why im so/so :confused:

You could save it for Guardians.

It really depends what you need.

Personally I have been saving mine and my gems for a chance at Zim.

I pulled Victor on 4 tokens when Halloween opened so consider myself lucky there.


when is it? any old thread worth checking?

I think that is the one coming up the 2nd thursday in November.

Jackel, Falcon, Panther, Kong

You can’t use coins for Guardian summon buddy.


oh that is right, forgot about that. My bad.

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is there a list of upcoming events? didnt know about the 2nd thrusday of november

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somewhere there is. But you can’t use tokens. Those are only seasonal. So if it stays the course Christmas

if there is i cant find it…

next seasonal…2 months. hmm. not that far away…

You may wait until end of november: hotm + atlantis. That is, what I do

They are completely different heroes, used for very different purposes. The only thing they have in common is that they are red. I have GM and Red…and I don’t think that is a bad thing at all.

hero token = not atlantis
nov hotm = dont want her; if she drops tyvm. if not, not sad

i prefer to have my second 5*, preferably hotm/atlantis different than my current only color… i wont say no if 1.3% comes again from one pull :slight_smile:

Save for December… all hail Evelyn our new savior… also can use it on winter event if they add hero’s

I have 10 and am saving them… I got lucky and got victor by only using 2 tokens.


2 pulls? nice :slight_smile:

20 asdadsad

Epic Hero tokens don’t work on Atlantis.

Aegir is a pretty good blue 5*. If you don’t have another blue 5*, I’d pull now. Otherwise, I’d wait until Nov.1.

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