Just got a possible replacement. needd advice

so i have hu tao that is currently tier 2 around level 30. frankly he’s been ok, but not as good as my other team members. i just had a Li Xiu drop from my lvl13 TC. i was really hoping for a single target burst damage character, as i currently don’t have one.
it looks like overall her attack does less damage, but is the mana damage worth it compared to Xu’s blinding ability?
my other members are skittleskull, boldtusk, rigard, and boril.
if i do decide to switch, is he worth keeping around or is he better spent feeding Li?
thanks for the advice

Keep both for sure. I like blind better than mana reduction. But he is slow i believe and she is average

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Here’s both at maximum. I have a fully maxed LiXiu and have used her both on offense and defense, however her low firepower makes her disappointing on a Titan (to me anyway). But their differences level out.

I’d keep and level both. Your choice which one first. :wink:

Personally, Li ■■■■■■ me off. Just when I get close to smacking a hero around in a raid she strikes which requires me to mana back up. Great Hero for raid, weak hero for Titan. Level them both as use accordingly


I think they would both be weak on Titans. I’d prefer Joon for that task. :wink:

The question is: which one is better for Challenge event?

Hu will make miss even common mobs, that’s point for Hu. But for boss fights? Which skill is more useful?

Liu basically reduces mana for 1 turn. I would think Hu would be better for event

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Hu has a more useful special for the challenge, but is slow. Also, arrows serve the same purpose. I would probably prefer Li because of these arguments. However, raise both :slight_smile:

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In the challenge by having hu, you dont need arrows and that opens an item slot
Decisons decisions

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Hardly so, with slow mana :slight_smile:

exactly. for the hard levels, you want your arrows used from the start and keep using them until they run out (unless you have someone like Bane vs single boss or Hu Tao charged). think of HT as a bonus that might save you an arrow or two, not a reason not to bring them.

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Close call.
They both are more suited for defence raiding then event or titans.

I say Hu Tao just for the blind stuff, but thats not very different.

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My only use for either is Liu on a low powered team (4th or 5th flag) in AW. If you can drop the defenders healer’s mana just once, you have a chance. Healers often beat you by just getting to the arrow attack. The times I have seen Rigard survive on fumes…arrgggghhhh