Just got a bunch of new 4* and one 5* - PLEASE HELP ME FORM BEST POSSIBLE TEAM

Good morning all!!!

First post here - I’ve been addicted to this game for the last 2 months… been reading a lot here, thanks to all the help from everyone and the posters.

My current team is all at 3/60 : Rigard, Wu Kong, Sonya, Skittleskull and Kelile.

Saved up all my gems for 1-2 months and did 4 of 10x roles and I now have these new toys:
Sabina, Cyprian
Gretel, Chao, Hu Tao
Aegir (first 5 start - just got him now!)
Caedmon, Little John

Please help me build the best rainbow team possible. I need to know who to level up next. I’ve started on Boldtusk and Caedmon in the interim.

I was thinking best of class for each color: Boldtusk, Rigard, Wu Kong, Caedmon and Aegir. But I feel like this team would lack big hitters with only Caedmon and the others as buffs / de-buffs / healers only.


P.S. I don’t plan on spending more gems… just want to make the best rainbow team possible for all situations (events, challenges, going through the story, titans, wars, etc.)


first you need to lvl them up

red green blue = boldtusk caedmon aegir

dark and holy i let the more experienced to advise you :slight_smile:
although having boldtusk and aegir in the middle 3… i would say sabina, not cyprian

Wait on Aegir … its not wise to try to ascend 5☆ before a solid 4☆ team at least with you.
And also if you have all the telescopes he need then go for him. But you can ascend him to 2^60

After doing those up you can go for

Feed Hu tao not worth it.

Can start leveling Aegir since he will be a good tank for you. Slowly. Priority to the 4 stars. Aegir at a 3/70 eventually will help you out until you can either get another solid blue 5 or strong blue 4’s.

I would use this

Boldtusk - cyprian - Aegir - gretel - Caedmon

Boldtusk solid healer plus attack bonus
Cyprian with the counterattack
Aegir as a tank and booster
Gretel as damage dealer
Caedmon as sniper

Depends in which direction you want to go.

Dont push Aegir now except you have the necessary ascencion mats to go all the way. And even then it takes a long time.

So your other blue hero is Sonja which is a sniper dispeller like Cademon.

Now you can go for the LJ+Chao combo which is quite effective and fits well with what you have.

Of course Boldtusk is a top priority and Cyprian makes a usefull tank.

So this would come together like that.


This is one possibility.

If you want to save Sonjas mats for Aegir you could go


Using Chao as tank flanking him with the 2 purples, Boldtusk in the left corner ( not optimal but well……) and Cademon in the right corner.

Thats 2 possibilities to start with. Have fun finding more. :wink:

Purple: finish Rigard, Cyprian afterwards
Yellow: Wu, Gretel
Blue: finish Sonya first, Aegir afterwards
Green: Caedmon, LJ, Skittles if no other green by the time you are finished with LJ
Red: finish Kelile, because you already have Rigard as a healer, Boldtusk afterwards

With that your first team would be Rigard, Wu, Sonya, Caed, Kelile. You can vary it later as other heroes get leveled.

If you build up your stronghold and training camp to level 20, then you would also be able to train more 4*/5* heroes among a couple of expensive 3*s.

First off - thank you so much for all your feedback!!! You’re all amazing and I took all the feedback I got into consideration. The main change in my strategy was dropping my focus on my first and only 5 star (this was so hard!) and focusing first on the best 4* team I could put together and ascend all the way. I don’t have the scopes anyway so I couldn’t take him all the way. One of the other big game changer is that I did another roll and got Grimm. You’ll see all my heroes attached below.

My main priority right now is to level up Grimm with an end game of Grimm - Wu Kong - Boldtusk - Rigard - Caedmon. I feel like a got a good balance in that team with about everything I could want. Thoughts?

I now have 2 questions for your my friends:

  1. I have the mats to ascend all of them EXCEPT I only have one fine gloves (required for each). With Rigard already up, who’s next? Wu Kong, Caedmon, Boldtusk or wait for Grimm?

  2. Next heroes to level: I like to level up heroes 5 at a time to get the benefit of the color bonus. I was thinking on focusing next on leveling Cyprian, Gretel, Grimm, Melendor and Wilbur. Thoughts? Pretty settles on Grimm of course, and Wilbur looks sweet, but I’m open on the next green/yellow/purple to level up.

As always thanks all and have a great day!!!

I have th exact same team as you and I can tell you you made the right choice.
Many people only focus on a defensive team, but in this game having a good offensive team is more important then having a good defensive one.

With this lineup you will be awesome against titans (Wu Kong + Bold tusk) and awesome at raids and normal game levels. The synergy between Grimm and Boldtusk is also very good, when you weaken enemy defense and boost your hero attack simultaneously.

And then you have a good dispeller for enemy buffs in Caedmon, essential when raiding and team that has a counterattack tank.

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If i’de have to choose one to level up first i’de pick Boldtusk or Rigard, so that your strongest hero is your defense team tank, whichever if the two you prefer.

For the next upgrades, Wilbur and Gretel 100% sure.

The other colors are more complicated to choose, depending on what you want to focus on.

Since Grimm is your tank you should fully ascend him first.

I personally love healer tanks as the attacker so obviously I dont like them as defender.

You have a great team there.

Good luck.

Thanks for the feedback ochartier ! You got a nice looking team. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree with you more, I’m looking mainly for a good all around rainbow team at this point. One I can go through the story line with, win quests, do titan fights, alliance wars and the odd raid to get the chests. Personally I couldn’t care less where I stand cup wise so if I lose to opponent raids… meh whatever.

So my main focus will be leveling Grimm, Gretel and Wilbur. Not sure for green to go for Melendor, LJ or Gadeirus. And for purple Cyprian or Sabina.

Still not sure who to ascend next with my limited fine glove. Boldtusk would make sense and use him as tank.

Elayanith, would you mind elaborating? I thought it was a best practice to use Boldtusk and/or healers as tanks? You are suggesting Grimm - why? I’m open to anything and am still learning the strategies of the game.

Thanks all!

Max out the below if possible:

Wu Kong/Chao

Don’t bother upping any of the 4* slow maybe except Colen when you have him. When you can get Grimm, replace Sonya.

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Yes!!! The Halloween special of the day is fine gloves for 2$! I bought them and ascended Caedmon and Boldtusk. Hopefully by the time I level up Grimm I find another pair to ascend his last level. Thanks for all your help. Main focus is maxing out my best 5 some of Bold/Caed/Grim/Wu/Rig, then I’m leveling Wilbur, Gretel, Melendor, Cyprian, Aegir… all at the same time as I will not be in a rush.

Should I eat my 4 stars with slow magic or my 3rd Kelile? Do you keep them around?

Keep them until you have too many of them

Personally, I would go Rigard, Sonia, BT, Caed, Wu. I am not a fan of Wu on D. He is squishy and his special is easy to dispel. You could put in Grimm for Sonia in the long run but that is a personal choice, both have their strengths/weaknesses.

The big disadvantage of healer tanks is that that attacker can load up his specials without loosing to much.

Against Boldtusk I just throw tiles of any color at him until my hiters Little John, Chao and Tiburtus are ready.
Sometimes I get lucky and I kill him before he goes off, but if he fires his special I dont care. :smile:

Against Colen which is slow mana I really dont want to see him fire his special because if he does I need Kiril ready but he probabely isnt because Colen is still alive.

A counter example is Kashrek who’s heal is very strong and gives him protection against red.
But still I might attack Kashreck tank with Little John and 2 Chao’s because it is almost guaranteed he heals only once and then the Chao’s and tile damage will take him out.

I soon will have Kashrek, Boril, Kiril, Little John and Tiburtus as defense team and will use Kashrek as tank flanked by Kiril and Boril.
Here you have the advantage of two flanks which are strong against the strong color used against the tank.
I am really curious to see how my cups will hold up when I am using this set up.

For that reason I am always happy to see 4* healer tanks. ( Especially red and purple ones because I have the heroes to kill them. :smile: )

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