Just got 6th tonic and scope

Just got my 6th tonic and scope within an hour. I have some options but not sure which way to go with my next blue and green.

My current maxed greens.

These are the candidates for maxing.

I don’t have many good debuffers so I was leaning towards zeline. Plus she’s awesome. Evelyn seems best as support hero with another green sniper. But I would love to put more emblems on Vela, so if I maxed Mother North, I could take the emblems off of Alberich to use on Vela.

For my blues, here are my maxed ones.

Here are the ones I can max

No real specific needs here. A lot of good choices.

I’d go Evelyn for green and miki for blue… just from what you’ve shown.


You make a good point if you dont have many dispellers. And Zeline is a good bet.

The other interesting option I see is Evelyn is the engine that can carry you vs maxed out teams at high end pvp. Maxing her out also helps you a lot vs end game titans. Not getting 2 shotted by white attacks, is always a bonus.

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Evelyn really powers up your stack…
Locke does huge damage, plus cleanse, massively underrated hero.
Zeline we know is excellent.

Any of those three is going to have a noticeable impact.

Blues… Depends what level titans, Miki maybe worth it or may not.

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Blue: With maxed Finley, Vela, Magni and Alice you’re pretty much set offensively, and Arthur has Ice Defense down so no need for Frida. I would also go with Miki, especially if you’re up against high level titans, but even if not, he is very helpful in challenge events and some TP = 4600 stages with his attack buff and Silence. You probably have Wu Kong and maybe Ranvir, but I find their misses incredibly irritating and Miki was substantial buff for me even from Ranvir (who had then his emblems revoked and given to Vela once she was maxed).

Green: You have Alberich, so MN is not a priority, and if you do Miki then Tarlak is not important either. You have maxed Telluria so Heimdall is out as well. Hatter and Ratatouille are flashy but not that substantial, so either Zeline, Locke or Evelyn. Evelyn if you want more bio damage, Zeline/Locke if you want cleanse, preferably Zeline since she is fast, though Locke has bigger damage output.


I love using Locke on my non-Evelyn-hit side… that DoT is awesome… especially paired with telluria’s minions.

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And of course with Telluria, heal over time and meatshield, Locke will sometimes even fire twice :smiling_imp:

Yes she’s squishy but the DoT is unbelievably high and cleanse is always valuable.

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I’d go Zeline for green. Evelyn is great but there’s a 4* green defensive down that looks pretty interesting coming soon.

Maybe Miki for blue to juice your titan scores. Alasie’s best with emblems and I’m not sure it’s worth taking them off Finley for her.

In my honest opinion, I would go with Miki for Blue and Evelyn for Green.
Whichever heroes you choose good luck

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