Just for Future Reference


Since I’ve been doing so well with this defense team and currently in top 10, I post it here for future reference, considering my hero and troops choices are different.

Guin, Zeline, and Gravemaker are just boring me so much, so if you don’t have these and this ‘recipe’ helps, I’m glad. Feel free to comment as well.


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So refreshing to see a line-up without Hel or Guin :grin:


Sorry I’ve been too busy to update.

Attached are some results. I’ve won like 60-70% of enemy’s raids (versus 20-30% before I started using BW-GO pair). Of course my cup counts overnight are usually negative, but I guess that happens to everyone.

Just some screenshots here. There’s still a number of heavy losses like -50ish but I haven’t been out of 2600 club since the start.

Maybe this proves that both BW and GO are not too bad and not too useless. Well I agree maxed crit troops might have made the difference in defense as well.

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There are a couple of crucial points I’ve noticed.

1/ Most top players with deep roster seem to be able to beat this team frequently (well I don’t know how close the fight was 'cause there’s no record), but for average-tier players who stack colors and depend on luck, the board just needs to be a bit unfavorable to make them really struggle.

2/ I watched a lot of Zero’s raid videos, his win/lose ratio appear to be pretty similar (well just based on the raid history he showed). Considering his level of invincibility, I don’t think others with similar defense - Guin tank - are doing any better plus most Zero’s troops are mana and maxed).

3/ I put Elena and Tarlak at the corners not because of their special skill but because of their attack punch (800+). Crit troops give them chance of crit hits. This may play an important role. It’s only a guess though 'cause as I said, video records of enemy’s raids are not available.

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