Just For Fun- Hero Art

What hero do you refuse to level/feed away/bumped to the back of the ascension line based on art alone? Alternatively, worst art card in your roster if sense prevailed and you leveled that card anyway :smile:

I’ll start. Morris. Hate. Loathe. He creeps me out so badly I have fed away every copy as quickly as possible despite keeping ‘collector copies’ of every hero I pull. I just can not with that vile mole. shudders

None. I’ve done some irrational things in the game, but I can’t imagine not leveling a hero because of their card art.


Be honest to yourself, you wouldn’t have leveled Morris even if you loved his art


Maybe not but I’d have kept him in the collection.

Which is why I added the second sentence.

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for me it is trainer hero. the art so simple that always want me to feed them away

Fun thread, and I understand! I never took a close look at Morris, but I thought he smiled. Now I see he does not and that makes it way worse then! I´m thinking the artist was inspired by Sid from Ice Age :joy:

Tell me you see it too! :smile:

Anyway, if I had that new Hotm, I wouldn´t level her. My goodness, her face is…Gosh. I´m not fond of that blurry ‘Slayer’ look either, but fortunately I have no such luck as to get any of those :sweat_smile:


Russel looks like he is crazy! I´m sure there are more… :yum:

:joy: Sid’s very creepy, unwashed Uncle then :sweat_smile: The one the family doesn’t talk about but insists on showing up for Christmas dinner

I can’t tell if you’re kidding about the Silvaria card :joy: