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Just curious as the title states. I like playing this game, I watch YouTube videos of some of the best players and learn from them…but

If this game was established in 2016, how can some players have 7-10 lvl 80 5s and 10-15 lvled 4’s when ascension items are so hard to get?

No sarcasm, you can’t buy ascension items, it’s a legit question to all of us just playing for fun.

You can probably spend thousands and get there, but I find it hard to believe.

I’ve only been playing for 4 months and I have 20 maxed 4* heroes, about to be 24. About to have a maxed 5* hero with the materials to have another 4 maxed 5* and several more 4*. Idk mats aren’t that hard to come by.

A It’s really worse than you describe—the game only opened in production in spring of 2017. I didn’t start until August 2017 but have:

  • 20 5* heroes in final ascension
  • 38 4* heroes at 4/70 or 5* at 3/70
  • 48 4* ascension mats in inventory
  • 240 non-farmable 3* mats in inventory

This stockpile is some combination of hard work, good luck, and budget to buy most every offer that includes a 4* Rare mat. Th frustration that is everywhere on the boards stems from the sheer randomness, I think. An ally has 15 Tomes of Tactics but no Damascus blades—ouch. I’ve gotten way more darts than tonics.

Another problem is that it’s easy to spend on buying summons, but far less frequent that offers to buy rare mats come around. So people get ahead of themselves with their hero rosters. My alt, by contrast, spends almost nothing and is sitting with a nice roster of 4* and some 5*, with a pretty good balance of rare mats and heroes to use them on. So it’s the cash inflow creating a hero inflow that seems to make the Rare mat inflow seem poor.


You would be surprised on how many mats you can buy with money😂 just wait for the calendar starting tomorrow and you will see


Shhhh no one buys offers for mats, “they buy them for the gems, the mats are just a bonus” lol at least according to some top players who happen to be average to large spenders who happen to not wanna see p2w lose any advantages anytime soon lol


I buy mats and got gem as a bonus, LOL.


Pretty much the way I’ve always looked at it and many other players do as well, which is why i laughed when i read the post i took that quote from

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This is not a true statement. There are regular special offers that that can give you guaranteed rare ascension materials (for real money or for gems that are money in turn). Also, playing regularly for two years, participating in all the evens, rare quests and using all other opportunities (chests, mystic vision) you’ll be able to collect quite a bit of top level ascension items.

I plan on buying a 4* green tonic and a 4* purple tabard and considering the gems as a bonus to use in one 10x holiday pull. The odds of getting anything of value from paid for pulls is so abysmal that I refuse to do more than one 10x pull during special events.

You can buy an unlimited number of summons; ascension mats do come up for offer, but never as unlimited quantities.

Lets not forget the Mission Chests. I just finished up a Dark Elemental Chest, and these typically come with non-farmables (a sturdy shield in my most recent experience) and you can pay gems to refill world energy and raid energy AND skip the wait between chests. people who really spend spend spend could be utilizing this between special offers to get their mats.

But you can only skip a chest three times/day. So this is not an unlimited gems-for-chests trade.

That’s a general complaint but it’s not true. I have 15 fives that are either fully leveled or have last stripe and is almost fully leveled. I have 5 rings and 5 darts so will be leveling another red and yellow 5 very shortly. I started June of 2017, didn’t play full time until Aug 17. You get enough mats to fully ascend a rainbow 5 team per year with the rare quests alone. Challenge events, rare elemental chests, mystic vision, monster chests, raid chests, Titan chests, war chest, ascension chest, hot deals, etc. many ways to obtain ascension mats. The winter event will have a 30 day calendar. Tons of ascension mats plus the 2 from the event stages.

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