Just curious.... when are you mid-game?

In this topic https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/so-confusing-and-unfair/27196 the ts asks himself if he’s mid-gamer.

I’m just curious, so i’m asking: when are you what :slight_smile:

Okay, you’re a starter and at beginning when you just downloade the game… :smiley:
Endgame is probably when you stop playing.

What is mid-game… do you have a fully leveled 3 star team with 5 extra fully leveled on hold
and a fully leveled 4 star team with 5 extra fully leveled
and a fully leveled 5 star team with 5 extra fylly leveled?

Or is being at SH 20 with 1 TC 20 midgame?

Or is being in Finland midgame (i’ll have to move from the Netherlands then)

I have just 1 3 star fully leveled and 1 4 star :slight_smile: so i probably will be sub mid game?

Or is mid game having posted here at last 1.000 times? I’d like to have your opinion.
maybe mid game is when you are stuck on 2200 cups and just loose every game or is that looser?

Your creative answers would be welcome.

Edit: if the ts of linked topic is a she than my sincere excuses to Christine :smiley:

From 10x4* to 10x5*.

If you can field a few 4* teams, help defeat 7*-8* Titans, and beat the epic/legend challenge events I’d consider that mid-game. You are participating and get to defeat most of the content (like final province 23-11).

The “End-game” phrase does not literally mean the day you quit. End game content are those thing for dedicated players to challenge themselves. That would be fielding a 5* team (and more), defeating 10*+ Titans, competing and placing in different challenge events and aiming for top 100 in raid ranking.


I’d say that you graduate from the early game when you finish the map. But that’s totally arbitrary and up for debate.

I think mid-game is generally accepted to mean that you’re somewhere in the 1500-2000 trophy range - mostly the gold tier, but it probably dips into the high silver tier and low platinum tier.

I know not everyone raids and this isn’t the best metric, but as I said - generally accepted.

AND have finished all provinces in season 1… Ok, that’s all. Thank You !

To me:

When you can complete all the rare quests at the first try and without items you’ve just passed the first ascension’s wall, gaining the privilege to call yourself mid-game player.


I mentioned that was one of the steps in mid-game :kissing_heart:

I like your definition. Can I just steal yours? :grin:

My definition is of course arbitrary:

Heroes - At least 5-10 4*
Map - At least Province 18
Raid - 1600-2000 (cups will fluctuate)
Titans - 8*
Rare Quest - Can do at least 1-4
War - 30 heroes (can be 3* or unmaxed)


If I was going to define mid game, it’s when you actually have 2 reliable damage dealers in each color so you can start stacking heroes against titans. It can be a maxed 4* and a maxed 3* but when you start stacking and making progress you’ve entered midgame.

Endgame is when you have 6+ maxed teams of heroes for all competitive purposes, and regularly place in the top ten of each event tier. Not only do you already have a great roster but you’re getting more ascension items a month than you can typically have heroes for - at that point you’re no longer making progress just going through the motions…

Mid-game is when your toe curl, and your ears light up as bright as Rudolph’s nose.

Mid-Game, End-Game sounds ridiculous!?
Either you have a fair amount of strong heroes or you don’t. I have been playing close to a year and I need stronger hereos(based on cup count and the heroes I possess).

I prefer players are either newbies seeking help or joining an Alliance, or experienced players gamers who have participated in all aspects of the game building, map progression, raids and wars!