Just bought the ascension packs, and

It’s total crap, again…:joy::joy::joy:600 gems x2 for ascension loot that you can trip over just by playing the game…I realize that they are ascension materials, but c’on…Really ? Why are you charging me for this easy to get stuff ? Shoot, I don’t care if they are rare materials I might not need now, as long as they are materials you can’t get during regular play time…I hate to keep nagging about the same stuff like many others but I want to see some value on my ROI…And for those of you defending SG, just stop…No one is asking for freebies…I’m ok with items being rare and scarce (at least coming to terms with it and can see the logic behind it) and I’m ok with spending the time it takes. But I do have a problem with being asked for money with the illusion that I’ll get something of value in return…! Anyway, I’m just sharing what I got for 1200 gems, not a dang thing of value…Loot2Loot


You were Lucky, spent only 1200 gems!

Last week I got all 5 (3000 gems) and got only ONE fine gloves.
Well, 1 fine gloves for 3000 gems (~$30)… fair enough right? But oh I was the donkey who wanted to spend, nobody forced me… :expressionless:


You took the words right out of my mouth :laughing:

I’m thinking of a new game…Let’s see who can get screwed the worst…:joy::muscle:

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The same goes with the heroes 2600 gems one.

10 hereos and 3 are ganju and 3banes and the rest duplicates. Happened last time I decided to buy it. 4 Caedmons…

Seriously need to revamp said RNG

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Nono, I respect your point and see your frustration but dont agree.

On 10 summons you can get heroes 5* 4* and 3*. You got 6 heroes 3* and 4 heroes 4* (one level under top).
If you relate like you did, we can buy ascension mats from 1 to 4* so from 15 (I bought 5 rolls with 3 items each) I should have gotten about 6 3* items, and got 1.
For Worse summons are, the odds are still a lot bigger than ascension mats.

ascension materials are a choke point in this game, noticed that quite early.

They should have a crafting system that make other items rather than just battle items instead of relying everything on RNG in quests and those good for nothing Titan loot drops lol.

With that they could raise the amount of materials that require ascension for heroes. So players can still feel like they can advance rather having to feel to fork out the cash to have a chance to get them.

What happened for you is some serious poor luck.

In terms of what I got for heroes, the amount of duplicates what annoyed me the most.


Hey guys did you notice?? They changed the packs! Less crap items to raise chance to get a better one!
No daggers, or sharpening Stone like the picks above from Wormwood.
I Will post my one here but check yours



In Theory we have 4 good and 4 crap items

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@Luiz it’s 6 crap items. 2 armour and 2 scrolls.

Well I dont recall if the previous were like this, but I sure remember a pack with 10 items (4 rare and 6 farmable). So I think the question is, the chance went from 4/10 to 4/8?

Dont intend to spend any more gems on store, even to test it :zipper_mouth_face:

@Sqall: yes, there is more or less crap from time to time. In my optinion, the chance here ist not 4/8.
If the chances are equal (big IF), you may want to calculate like this:

  1. How many Items are there - in your exaple: 10
  2. Hoy many Items do you need: for example: 3 (you are after rings, blades, gloves)
  3. You hope, in medium you will get 3 items.
    Now the chance of getting at least one desired item of three is 100% minus "the chance of getting crap only"
    Getting crap only: 7/10 * 6/9 * 5/8 = 29%
    So the chance for are desired item is 71%

Another example:
If you’re just after the rings: 100% - (9/10 * 8/9 * 7/8) = 30 %

but we don’t know if the chances at drawing the items are equal…

just my two cents…

I got that, but I wondered if the Scrolls x2 would count as 2 items or 1 item in the odds… because you would get Scrolls x2 or nothing… If I could get Scrolls x2, Scrolls x1, Clothes x2, Clothes x1, your thought would be unquestionable.

interesting question. maybe someone here, who has bought some of those, can answer this…

Each one, regardless of quantity, counts as ONE item. So 8 total items to pull. Pull the scroll and armor and you get two of each, but it counts as one item.


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