Just bought Epic offer $1.99 charged me $7.42

I know sometimes IOS has random hidden fees, but an almost $6 mark up is not cool…

Same to me, just bought epic offer for 2.99€ Chargers me for 20.99 what’s wrong in here?!

Holy cow!
This is nothing less then a fraud.

That doesn’t sound right, please contact our support using the in-game button as soon as possible so we can investigate this further.

Sometimes Apple also bundles purchases together before charging you. Please also make sure to review your purchase history, here are instructions on how to do it:

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My bad that was a multiple purchase bill: unfortunarely paypal prompted the total ammount as the last purchase was carried out. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Yah, I find the most clearest way to look at any of the charges is directly in iTunes. If you’re passing that along to a CC or paypal, they will often aggregate the totals and not show a line-item breakout, whereas iTunes will show you each line item in the bill as well as the tax breakout (at least for US).

It’s been happening to me as well please fix this problem

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