Just another 1 year progress post (for F2P)

Congratulations on your 1st year. It sounds like it has been challenging and fun.

I just made a calculation of the time needed to reach Hero Academy level 10 to start retraining 5* heroes. My current stronghold is at 23, ready to go to 24 next week. If I build non-stop without losing any time between 2 buildingupgrades, I need 360 days! It will be time for my next progress post :joy:

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@Fraenske You can work for that 120 days free ViP pass. It would help you a lot even now, shortening the time to HA significantly. Of course, it’s much more useful in the mid-game (SH levels 11-22).

I only know about a 40 days free vip pass if invite 20 friends to the game sucessfullky (each friend has to reach lvl10). Or did you add all the vip passeson this way ?

That’s exactly where I use my Gobbler - farming. :rofl:

Apparently you never tried it.

You get all of the rewards. So for 1 successful invite (new account to level 10) you get 10 days of free ViP pass + 100 gems. When you have 2 successful invites however - another 10 days + 100 gems. For 3 - another 10 days + 100 gems + pet dragon avatar. For 5 - you get additional 20 days + 100 gems. For 10 - you get 30 more days + 100 more gems. When you hit 20 successful invites - you get additional 40 days of free ViP + 100 more gems.

This is a total of 600 gems + 120 days of free ViP pass + a pet dragon avatar.

If, however, your initial account was invited, that duration is extended to 130 total days of free ViP pass and you get another 100 gems for a total of 700.

I already did the Invite 10 friends for 80 days, but doing 10 more seems to much for just 40 days of VIP.


That looks so much like a request to join the dark side or Herbalife business model.
Or the way pushers hook you up.
“Come, friend, try this. It’s free. Oh, and also addictive, expensive and frustrating, but why mention that?
What’s in it for me if you join? Nothing, just a couple free shots. But you’ll see, that’s really nothing!”

I never said I invited any of my friends. I prefer keeping them, not inviting them into E&P.

I just said that I gained the bonus of 20 completed invites to level 10.

On topic: @Fraenske I know it seems to be a big effort getting 10 more successful invites, but since you are completely f2p, this will get you 40 days and 1300 gems ahead, which is no small bonus for a f2p.

Sounds like you’re doing a great job!

Sorry, Saros, never implied you did it.
My comment was on the “business model”, not your personal behaviour that I certainly have no knowledge about :bowing_woman:t3:

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Wow. This made me think as well… maybe I should be trying this…
Thanks :slight_smile:

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