Just another 1 year progress post (for F2P)

I just hit my one year ingame anniversary and decided to post what I had accomplished so far as 100% F2P-player. I read some similar posts in my first month playing and they managed to keep my expectations realistic and therefor enjoy the game more. Brief summary of my profile after 365 days:

Player Level : 50
Defense Team : 4133
Max Trophies : 2633
Number of 5 star heroes : 17 (all S1 except Poseidon and Bai-Yeong)
Number of 5 star heroes maxed : 3 (Poseidon, Lianna, Azlar) + 2 on the way in last ascension (Magni + Obakan)
Number of 4 star heroes maxed : 23 (all S1 heroes + Hansel, Fura, Brynhild, Triton)

I do have some non-S1 4 star heroes to level, but my current priorities are 5 star heroes.

I finished the Season 1 map after a couple of months. Season 2 and 3 are finished in Normal mode two months ago. Season 2 hard mode is almost finished (working though province 24 now).

My roster contains mostly vanilla heroes and very few to none of the fancy HOTM and event heroes, but I can finish pretty much every event in the game, except for the Ninja Tower (levels 30 and higher too difficult). I do enjoy being able to play all aspects of the game as a F2P. Just don’t set your expectations to high when it comes to rankings and such. Completion has always been the goal for me, practically all top 1000 event-players pay heavily.

This forum is a giant treasure of information I suggest you use as often as possible. Any choice or tactic I doubt, I search on the forum and always find threads where more experienced players share their findings. For me the most important thing in the beginning was to focus on reaching a Training Camp level 20 as fast as possible (for me this was after 5 months). Since september my 2 level 20 Training Camps gave me 13 5 star heroes. Second important tip as a F2P-player is to find a nice alliance that is active enough. An active alliance is the most important resource for 3 and 4 star ascension material. And when the chat is active it can be fun to talk with people who enjoy the game as much as you and to discuss possibles tactics with them.

All in all I can’t complain about my progress as a F2P-player and after 1 year I still enjoy playing this game enormously. I’m looking forward to completing S2 and S3 hard mode and finally reaching Stronghold level 25 to start my hero academy. Challenges enough to grind another year…


I’ve been playing for over two years as f2p and just finished season 3 normal a month ago. You’re making good progress!


You made very good progess during your first year.


Thanks. I am quite an active player, don’t think a lot of days went by without playing. I don’t want to know how much time I invested, that would be quite shocking… :sweat_smile:


Well done! I’m always glad to see another real FTP - for me everyone who has spent (even once) is vC2P/C2P. Keep up the great progress! There will be moments of frustration but don’t get discouraged.

Just a small correction here, long-term FTP players are also able to achieve good ranks. I have been in the top 100 in legendary twice (though it was a while ago) and I am sure that other FTP players are also often in the top 500.


I stand corrected!

20 chars of F2P-respect


Congrats @Fraenske

Frankly I think it’s extremely hard for a f2p to complete S1 in only a couple of months. And also it’s no small feat staying in Diamond arena as only one-year f2p.
It seems you had a really good luck with the quality of your pulled 5* though, which is not something every f2p can claim.

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Always good to see another F2P writing about their progress throughout the game and enjoying the journey (this is important because enjoyment is why we play games).

Almost 3 and a half years in myself as F2P, glad to see you were able to make so much progress and strides in only one year of playing. If you were just starting, most people would tell you to focus on your 4s as opposed to your 5s, but guess you are already passed that point.

My roster is also mostly vanillas (I have the season 1 3* - 5* set) that makes up the bulk of my roster sprinkled with some S2, events and HoTM flavor. I play as mostly a collector than I am a competitor and update my progress on the forum from time to time.

Very good point about finding a good and supportive alliance, it helps take some stings off the growing pains.

Great write-up, and keep puzzling.


Good progress and good attitude!!


I am confortably in Platinum arena and go to diamond sometimes to open chests. Definitely not a regular in diamond.

As to my pulls, most came from my 2 Training Camps (only 3 trough portals + 1 bonus pull). 6 months with 2 tc20 is 180 trainings. At 5% rate that should be 9 heroes, I got 13 so definitely not complaining! (got lianna and last week marjana)


Not quantity. Quality.

It’s quite possible that all of your 13 5* hero pulls were somewhat underwhelming. S1 is full of those.

I’m talking about TC20, so those are only S1 heroes. As a F2P quantity is the only thing to hope for. Quality is a luxury for the paying player. But as far as quality goes, I have lianna, marjana, magni and poseidon. So only sartana is missing from the sniper collection.

Awesome play!
That’s what I got after nearly 2 years F2P :-p
Very neat!!!

The last two days I took a little sprint and finished Atlantis on hard. Had enough coins to do 14 pulls and got… Gadeirus and Gobbler. :yawning_face:
The life of a F2P-player. As long as they don’t make S2 heroes available through TC20, I will never get Wilbur nor Proteus. Shame, I would have loved to test them…


i feel you, I don’t have Wilbur yet.

I finally got a new Atlantis hero this month, after months of pulling duplicates… but it was Sumitomo.

ah well! the odds are low, so any new hero makes me a bit happy. of course, some new heroes will make me happier than others :wink:


Gadeirus made me feel :man_shrugging:t2:
Gobbler made me feel :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I know the chances are small, therefor I hate it that some 4* heroes are so bad.

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Gobbler is actually a very good pull for a F2P as you won’t have [m]any chances at minion cleanser without paying.
You will have to get into Pokémon wars to fully understand that, thou :wink:

That is not true many S1 heroes are very good, e.g. Lianna, Marjana, Sartana and Magni. After the latest buff even unappreciated heroes like Obakan, Leonidas and Thorn are relevant. Some of my own war mono teams consists fully of S1 5* and costumed 4* heroes and I regularly smash 4500-4700 Teams with shiny HotM and S3 heroes.

@Fraenske: well done, we f2p have more fun than most of the big spenders. We expect nothing and celebrate our achivements.

Happy gaming

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Who knows, one day I might actually appreciate Gobbler when I arrive at the Pokémon stage :joy:
Only upside I found is a Hit all Enemy heroe at average speed is good for easy farming.

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Expectations are an E&P-players worst enemy! :sweat_smile:


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