Just about fed up

The game used to be alot of fun, now it seems more of a pay game. Have been playing for over a year and a half and have worked to get what I have. Not a super star but solid player. Tokens were supposed to boost your heros power ,last 3 wars I have took a 4470 team in to attack a team that was 3870 or 4000, troops were at lower levels and I had more tokens on my heros, Each time my opponents slow hero had fired twice before my very fast hero fired once. Then I get taken out and the may loose one hero. I have tried every Avenue of hero set up and colors. Just crappy boards is what I get told when I ask about it. I have 4 straight wins in tournament at 4th through the last 0 wins. I am taken out before I can max manna a hero. Please explain this to me. It’s not a new issue been going on for while. To add to the frustration, you see level 30 to 60 players, with 6 to 9 months playing time. They have 5 very rare 5* heros level 30 troops and like 18 tokens on a hero, because they can drop cash on the game? This is just bad for the game. Please dont get me wrong, love the game and they players who are in my alliance and in line. I just see this game going to debut or credit card and puzzles. Makes me sad.

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