Just a thought


It would be great to have a 5 star fire healer hero added to HOTM. If they do have one could you please post. Thank you


The one in November should be red.

Past red hotms are Ares, Natalya, and Gravemaker.


They cycle though the colors. There are multiple hotm for each color at this point.


Thanks. forgot to add healer just edited the post


5* healers are kinda rare let alone red.

There are only Delilah (yellow hotm) and Vivica (yellow regular).

The likes of Aeron, Alberich, Guin, etc. only give HP generator buff that can be removed by dispeller.


Red Hood (event 5* red) can potentially heal everyone as well.


I think it’s the weirdest thing that there isn’t a 4* yellow healer. There’s a 4* healer in every color except yellow. Isn’t yellow/light supposed to be the healing color fundamentally? There’s two dark healers and no light healer. It’s weird man.


Red Hood foxes just heal when first trigger only.
And not a good amount like A true healer as Vivca for example.


If only Li Xiu could heal and reduce mana at the same time… lol


They actually heal every turn :wink:


7% per fox per turn so if they stay alive that’s 21% (3 minions Max per hero) every turn undespellable that also take damage rather than the hero.

Far from “OMG best healer ever” but as a red healer not to shabby.