Just a thanks SG!

Just wanted to say thanks for the last 2 years! I am 2 days away from my builders being silenced forever,unless you are going up somewhere else. I hear and see people chatting about all their money they have wasted playing this game. Yes i spend money, vip, Magpie’s emblem boutique! Love it! Hum i wouldn’t say its too much to spend considering how my money used to go, Starbucks coffee yes oh my how much used to go there almost 8$ x2 a week! That’s 600$! A year. So instead of seeing the dark side look at what i have accomplished vip lasts a whole month, coffee no so much. Lost tons of weight lol yeah Wifey likes that! Just say hum is this a good deal or not before you buy. I needed a hobby i could have choosen shooting my gun! Do you know how much that costs lol yeah. Nothing is free except on sundays on a long event. Yeah i went there. Just to also mention all the whole new friends i have met from the many alliances i have visited. Yes some say that you should stay in one and grow but i say spend some time being a nomad and also visit the general chats they have in place to meet even more. Okay well I’ve said my piece on this. Thanks and RAH! TO ALL. TAS


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