Just a small Mercing thanks

For totally killing Mercing … you have succeeded in your quest.

Mercing went from …

  1. Filling multiple chests for good loot
  2. Filling multiple chests for crap loot
  3. Not filling chests but getting Titan loot
  4. Just helping and getting sticks as reduced loot
  5. Not being able to leave an alliance or you miss your War chest

In the end Mercing became nothing more than a helping hand, which has now been cut off.

I just dont get why you would want to not allow players to help eachother out.

For the record … an alliance has max 30 members, there are more that have through time now gotten to know eachother and this is also evident in all the alliances with sisters like 7dd, CP, etc.

So … thanks again … :disappointed_relieved:

In case your alliance is fighting a Titan and you see you arent going to make it at deaths door and it is a rare Titan … just suck it up and miss it, sorry.


SG was probably never against mercing but they want to slow down the flow of ascension mats every way possible which they did to an extent that they are losing the player base very fast. They should learn something Idle Heroes which is my goto game now and good to see they have to started to copy some stuff from there lol.

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The final death of the merc will be decided once the war chests get opened. Decent loot and mercing really is a goner, but if it resembles the feeble offerings from war itself, then I reckon players will shrug and keep helping others.
As SG aren’t known for their staggering generosity in the chests, my money is on the latter :slightly_smiling_face: