Just a quick thank you :)

I noticed the energy pack price went down a bit. Thanks for that ! Good move I think


Can’t say I noticed (don’t buy those myself), but fully agree that it is a good move.

Also appreciate the post of appreciation when things are good :slight_smile:


Thanks for pointing this out! Lately I’ve noticed a lot of player requests have been implemented in the game.

  • ‘coffee’ money sized gem offers during the event
  • xp shown as numbers instead of just percent
  • adjusting difficulty on the beginner level of the event
  • peer support chat in game
  • language option for alliances

and in the past there has been

  • a confirmation screen before purchasing more hero slots
  • adding a lock for favourite heroes so you can’t accidentally feed them to another hero
  • shortening the recharge time for alliance flags
  • all flags get refilled when you level up, not just world energy
  • a better confirmation screen for promoting and demoting alliance members
  • something to do with our troops

(there’s more, but frankly, it’s not coming to me right now…)

So I guess I’d just like to say thank you for listening Small Giant :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I wholeheartedly agree with @Coppersky!
The game is continuousy being improved!

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Thanks @Vivenna, @loorts & @Fledoble :wink: . Glad you liked that change.

And huge thank you @Coppersky for compiling the list of changes made based on the player feedback! :hugs:


“a confirmation screen before purchasing more hero slots”

I still managed to buy it once accidentally two days ago, but I’m just very skilled at derping :joy: Wonder how many I’d have before the change.

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Very skilled at what? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Thanks Rook for letting me know! Gives you a hug

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I’m the reason that confirmation button was put in :joy:


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