🏅 [June 9, 2019] 8th Raid Tournament! — 4* Bloody Battle, All Elements

So like this:

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This what i come with


This is the heroes i got and This is my preferred defence

But i think bt is no good. Just a meat shield.

So this maybe?

First one look fierce. Not sure kiril will help. Drop their some grimm or wilbur or

So if the matching works as anticipated, the computer reads me as this wholly unusable team for this tourney and has tiered me into the 3700 crowd.

The reality is that this is probably the defense I’ll use (with some slight variations possibly; have Tiburtus, Gormek, Wu, Cyp or Boril around):

I’m guessing, though, because of where the system reads me, I’ll draw teams on offense and defense that will be higher team power than what’s viable for this tournament because of how the system currently works. Because of that, I’ll predict a day two out and probably top 25-50 percent finish if I’m lucky because I don’t expect my defense to perform well at all due to anticipated TP disparity.

It is what it is, but if it plays out as expected, it’s another issue in a flawed scoring system and something they need to look at.


Why not put jackal on the flank?
You have already one grimm there.

I have changed my team about 20 times now but I think I’m going to go this route. Tons of different options and several that have a higher tp but I feel comfortable that this team has the potential to be annoying at the least.


Triton helps heal. Maybe it’s a waste?

What do you think?

Maybe tibertrus instead of Proteus ? Maybe instead if Wilbur?..

Triton hits hard. I always prefer to have a sniper or two. I think I’ll go ahead and stick with him.

do you have another Fast or Average hero ?

Fast - Average - Average - Slow - Fast should be better

I’m using li xu as tank with purple flanks. What are the thoughts regarding proteus vs tibs in this situation? Thanks!

I will vote for Proteus for extra mana control purpose, without healing, it could be game changing.

One of the weakness of Proteus’s DoT is the damage can be healed before it have reach full damage to kill opponents (sniper is good because they can quickly kill, rendering heal useless), with this rule, that weakness is minimized. Sure the DoT can be removed, but the damage done is now irreversible and to remove it, opponent have to bring Rigard who offer no heal or other benefits.

Compared to Tiburtus who give defense debuff, opponent can bring Kiril instead of Rigard. While both do not heal, Kiril still give defense and attack buff, so not only removing Tiburtus’s debuff but also giving them buffs.


So grimm+17, cyprian, li, proteus, caed? Not enough fast mana for my tastes but with no healing could work.

Tiburtus is also average speed.

What do you think about wolbur here?

True. I was referring to the overall team, not the choice between tibs and proteus. Either way its set now and all that remains is to see what the morning brings.

I just want a good source of emblems so I can take my 5* past tier 7 without feeling like I just kicked a puppy.

Yeah, on my GF’s account she has Rigard 4/70^6 and with only 2 other maxed 4 stars, he’s definitely in her top 5 even though without the healing portion of his special he would probably be 200 power less!

Pretty poor design!

There he is, the forbidden below-5star-resurrector :joy:

Does his special work here or not?

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