🔵 [June 5, 2019] Trials of Strength Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

It’s one of the easier trials. With BT and Grimm it’s quite easy to nuke the last trio after adding some good hitters.

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Burrito comes in handy to dispel counterattack.

and lol at all the greens coming out.


Did it with a couple bombs used at the end (only brought the 2).


Azlar - Kage - Grimm - Magni - BT

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I love shaming past me. My team last time:

And this time coming in at full rainbow!

DAD GUM ZIPPIDY DOO DAH I DIDN’T CHANGE MY TROOPS AGAIN. Oh yeah, and I replaced Gormek with Little John too I guess.

So… um… Boldtusk + Grimm + Panther + LJ can wipe a stage 3 trash mob board. I went into the next wave with only HuTao. :sob:

I dunno. I think I did alright.

That was after everybody blew their specials, used one bomb and dragon, and blew a green gem that didn’t cascade, so maybe 4-5 tiles. Ouch.



Ty again zephyr. :+1::+1::clap::raised_hands:


My team this time was effectively identical to my team last time. Others available for this fight included Gretel (who rolled her eyes at me) and Poseidon 4.73 (who just glared at me). I can’t see rotating Kage out (his dispel is really nice for this fight), or either Grimm (blue tile damage for the win), or either healer (meat shields and +atk).

The boards were kind, and I made it to the last screen with everyone but Delilah ready, and a yellow diamond to boot.

I foolishly missed starting with BT (what was I thinking), but still did decent damage. Azlar went off, which required an antidote, but I managed to drop him with a handful of blue tiles.

Nashgar attempted to kill Kage, but fortunately, failed. Elena went off, and I used Kage to drop her counter-attack. The reloaded Grimms and a few blue tiles finished off Nashgar, though there was some pain involved. Below is Elena’s last stand.

I’m not sure what I will do with the emblems. I am closing in on the 125 emblem cost ranks on both Delilah and Kage, and I’m just not sure those are worth the price. Queen has already decreed the fate of the 3* trainer, “Off with his head!”


My team this time:

  • Gormek + 9
  • Grimm 4^70
  • Poseidon 4^49
  • Valen +19
  • Namahage 3^50

Compared to last time, Gormek has +2 talents, Valen has +4 talents, Poseidon has grown up A LOT (from 2^55), and I switched out Gato 3^50 for Namahage (a mistake; I was thinking that Namahage hits harder, but I forgot about the red mobs/bosses.) I’m stoked about finally collecting 6 darts and making Poseidon my first-ever five-star to reach final ascension. I have been anxious to see what kind of difference he would make on this trial, since Gormek and Grimm are staples in my lineup, but it’s been a pretty signficant drop off from there. I finished last time, but just barely, and with carpet bombing.

First two stages were barely a speed bump. Final stage, I just handed out some healing potions to keep folks kicking, and had the excellent fortune to enter the boss wave with all specials charged and two diamonds on the board. Started with a dragon attack (to start the DoT) and a bomb (to effect attack down), then fired all specials on Elena. Don’t want that counterattack to fire, and hitting the middle target gets def down on all enemies. The cascade from the diamonds did some nice damage and recharged Valen and Grimm, so I was able to finish off Elena before her special fired, but Nashgar did fire, thankfully into the Giant Bag of Meat that is Gormek, who can take it. I thought a second shot from Poseidon’s trident would get Azlar before he fired, but it didn’t, and all of a sudden we were in trouble. Everyone critical and burning, but the enemy also in bad shape. I didn’t want to use any more items, so I kept firing tiles, killing Azlar but losing Grimm, Valen, and Namahage to DoT. Had Nashgar on the brink when he killed Poseidon, but I recharged Meat Boy with health potions and finished the job with tiles. If I had left Gato in the lineup, I think this would have been a much easier win. Have to remember that for next time.

Sadly, Gormek and Valen are both on talent nodes that require tons of emblems, so no immediate progress there. (And Valen may as well get used to the idea of going back to being a boring, regular 3-star, because Poseidon has a reset emblem with his name on it.) Also, no red project at all on my roster right now, so the trainer hero joins three other trainer heroes and a Jahangir, waiting to jump start one who is worthy. Main takeaway here is that I was able to manage this trial with very low item use, a notable improvement. I’m happy.


No major change to the team , if anything Elena and 2nd Boldusk, and Magni have gotten stronger.

TP : 3500+

Aftermath : Elena revived 3 or 4 times

Happy with the win and no carpet bombing :fireworks::sparkler::sparkles::tada::confetti_ball:

Initial team setup .
Intended to carpet bomb , strangely enough I used only 1 bomb attack at the very beginning due to no Reds gems and no health potions so one of my characters almost died .:jack_o_lantern:


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This is my 2nd go round! The 1st time around I lost I only had arrows, 2 time stops and Healing potions because my forge was upgrading to 20! They crushed me but I came back and won this round emptying out my arsenal!


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I usually forget to screenshot my team and set up and only explain it all

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Finally! My Boldtusk made his debut! He ended his 3/60 run at 4/8. But, i pulled him into final tier and he’s at max talents now!

Last time…

For the longest time i was running through this game with very little healers maxed. Now I’m finally going back and correcting that.


Thank you! It wouldn’t let me do anything to it

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